Fitness Tip: Taking Photos of Your Food

One should eat to live, not live to eat - taking photos of your food for fitness

Weight loss is a very visual process. Before and after photos show amazing progress and offer inspiration. Holding up an old pair of pants that can now fit two of you is very exciting. Weight loss sparks a lot of changes in how we eat, including a shift to healthy eating. On almost every weight […]

Epic Fail: Fitness Roadblocks You Can Overcome

Epic Fail: Fitness Roadblocks You Can Overcome

Running into a fitness roadblock is common. There are days when we all wake up and wonder if our fitness goals are worth it. A recent study reveals the top reasons why we struggle with our fitness programs. The Harris Interactive study, on behalf of shows us the reasons we sabotage ourselves, along with […]

Find Your Fitness: Top 8 Ways to Ask for Help

Ask for Help to Find your Fitness

  No matter how committed you are to your fitness path, having the support of your significant other can make a difference in your results. Whether they are joining you on your path to health, or acting as your cheerleader on the sidelines. This week I will celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary to my […]

Active Recovery: 6 Workout Ideas to Reduce Sore Muscles

Active Recovery Workout - My Foam Roller and I Have a love/Hate Relationship

Active recovery is the strangest concept that most people don’t understand about fitness. Active are the days you have a workout, and recovery means rest days with no workouts, right? Past fitness information has misinformed us with the idea that days we are active and days we are “resting” are mutually exclusive. The truth is […]

Do This Irish Workout First on St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Workout - Training Kicks In When Luck Runs Out

Your fitness plan has plenty of enemies. Alarm clocks that forget to go off, protein shakes that sat in the car too long, and running shoes that have gone missing in your closet. Enemy #1 for your fitness plan? Holiday celebrations. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Now go get your Irish workout done. Irish immigrants around […]

Fitness Motivation: Get Back to Your Fitness Dream

I RUN... because the farther I run, the bigger my smile

Fitness motivation conversations are like a bomb waiting to go off. Some of you used to be athletes, dance class addicts, gym rats, and at some point you just stopped. Stopped going to the gym, cancelled that dance class, quit running around your local high school track. Pick a reason. Pick an excuse. Fitness motivation […]

Making Fitness Goals That Become Reality

Making fitness goals become reality

There is something to be said about going all in. Truly committing to making fitness goals. There is a shift in perspective that you have to take the chance to experience. The truth is that most of us won’t make that final decision and commit. All good ideas start with a spark. With our own […]