Women’s Health Magazines Lie to You

Trim and Tone - takes more than 7 days

My fitness dream takes a lot of studying. As fellow dreamers, you understand the constant focus that achieving your dream takes. There will be some research along the way. Sometimes you run across something in a women’s health magazine that pisses you off. I subscribe to several magazines monthly in actual paper form. Wired, Fast […]

Post Race Depression Is Part of Fitness Dreams

Remind yourself nobodys built like you. You design yourself.

Sometimes fitness dreams suck. Getting ready for a race creates an amazing anticipation. The excitement of looking forward to the event, knowing all your hard work is about to be put to the test. The closest feeling I can compare it to is the anticipation before a big trip. Something you’ve planned for a long […]

Got Fitness? Milk Could Kill Your Fitness Dream


Americans grew up with dairy milk in our homes and typically on our tables for one or more meals a day. But are the choices we make to continue using milk in our diets today the best option? Especially if our goals include gaining fitness and health. The advertising campaigns around milk are epic. Milk does […]

Fitness Dream Warning: Bikini Shaving Required

You are only one workout away from a good mood - Heather Montgomery

My dream to share the impact of fitness on your life has brought up some personal topics over the past few years. Here’s one to consider as you don your next workout outfit: Shaving. Specifically bikini shaving. Many hairy situations come up with any fitness dream. Most come from finding time to work out, and […]

5 Best Lap Swim Pool Etiquette Tips for a Dream Workout


Dreams don’t come easy, and I will admit that my health and fitness dream has had some interesting challenges along the way. I was reminded of the need for anyone interested in lap swimming to have a basic understanding of pool etiquette before they jump in. I love the water. I know there are those of […]

Working the Dream: First Olympic Distance Triathlon Completed

Heather Vineman Olympic Triathlon

It feels like a long time ago for this fitness dreamer. My first triathlon was just over one year ago. My latest triathlon adventure took place last week on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in West Sonoma County. There have been a lot of changes with my life over the last year. The changes are exciting […]

Warning! Read This Before You Go Running


Dreaming of getting fit takes work, and having your fitness equipment work against you will make you crazy. I am recovering from my first Olympic distance triathlon yesterday. While I gather my notes for an amazing post to share soon, I though I’d share a funny and stupid training story with you. Fitness Tip: Before […]