Dream Fitness GIVEAWAY: Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

 Are you curious about coconut oil? I’ve been a fan of coconut oil for a while and I’m excited to offer a giveaway of one of the best coconut oil I’ve tasted. Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is made by Tropical Tradition, and is the highest quality organic Virgin Coconut Oil they product. Small batches of family produced […]

Taking Bigger Steps to Pursue Your Dream

There are lot of way to take steps to pursue your dream. Baby steps, backward steps, or big hairy audacious steps. Have you ever looked back and realized you didn’t take bigger steps to your dream? I haven’t traveling for business in several years. The last time I traveled on someone else’s dime was way […]

Remember to Pack Your Travel Workout

  I haven’t traveling for work in years, but it’s hard to forget just how crazy squeezing in a travel workout was. I am hopping on a plane for business this week and prepping my packing list. Top of the list for your travel: Plan your workouts. Hotel rooms or hotel gym for your travel […]

Get Involved With National Childhood Obesity Month

September is National Childhood Obesity Month and as the month wraps up I want you to look around at the children you see everyday. Look around your neighborhood, your parks, while you are shopping. It shouldn’t be a surprise that no matter where you live, you will see the impact of childhood obesity around you. […]

Dream Fitness Motivation to Get Back on Track

I was thinking back on a few Fitness motivation conversations from the past. The idea that motivation comes out of thin air is truly crap. There are some of you, dear dreamers, that have been athletes, dancers, or gym rats in the past. One day you just stopped. Stopped going to the gym, took that dance […]

Top 8 Tips for a Hot Weather Workout

Hot weather workouts take a little preparation and a lot of sweat. Fall weather can cool off, but not here in drought impacted California. This last week our recent heat wave of temperatures over 100 have reminded me an extra push in heat can improve your fitness performance. As long as you prioritize keeping safe […]

Do your weight loss goals feel like an uphill battle?

Fall mornings in Northern California have a chill that makes it easy to do a hard workout. When I stepped out with a friend for a hill route I haven’t done in over 4 years I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew is that we were headed uphill. Making your workout a challenge […]

Avoid Adapting to Your Workout Routines

Monday you run, Tuesday you run, Wednesday you run. See a pattern? If you want to avoid adapting to your workout routines mixing it up is the way to do it. Adapting happens when you repeat motions over and over. There are a couple reasons why changing up your workout routine throughout the week will […]

Spin Class: Making an Old Workout New Again

Getting up and working out at the same time every day is a habit I can’t afford to break. One day missed and I am whooshing down the slide of laziness. I recently joined my local YMCA for one of their perks. The pool is super clean, has great lap times, and is not packed […]