Dream Contributor Stories: Don’t Give Up The Diet Recommended By Your Fitness Trainer

Today I turn my dream day over to guest dream contributor, Vineetha Reddy. Being a regular practitioner and adviser of everything related to nutrition, fitness, health and wellness, I also have begun to write and contribute to this knowledge ecosystem on sites like StyleCraze.com, MindBodyGreen.com and LifeHacker.co.in. I strongly believe that the organic food you find […]

Silent Courage: 1 Woman’s Lifelong Journey to Wellness

Hello Dreamers– It has been almost two years since my last 8 Women Dream blog post, and I am thrilled to be back for a special occasion. This time around, I’m here to introduce you to the female heroine in my life—my mom. Mary Byrne Eigel just published her 1st book— Silent Courage: My Lifelong […]

One Family’s Dream of Living the Courage Vibe

Today I turn my dream day over to a new friend and guest dream contributor:  Jody White As a motivational speaker who encourages people to jump into their dreams – I have the honor of meeting many who do. And this is one such family. If you’ve watched the video featured below, then you’ve already […]

Big Dream Story: Teach Women To Read in Nepal

  One woman can change the course of her life through something as simple as learning to read. Chuna Devi, a Nepalese woman, was never sent to school, married off at 16, and made to feel that “being born a girl is worthless.” But at the age of 47, she changed her and her daughters’ […]

Big Dream Story: Elizabeth Has a Film to Make

As promised, 8 Women Dream is sharing your big dream story. This week, it’s Elizabeth Knizley’s dream story about backing for her film project, The Equestrienne. Six years ago, I read another woman’s diary. Her name was Anne Noel, born in 1837, the granddaughter of the immortal literary figure, Lord Byron. I became captivated by […]

From Zero to Book Published: 8 Women Dream Style

By Rayne Wolfe In 2009, I was a reporter working for a New York Times regional newspaper in Northern California’s Wine Country. With ten years of daily news-gathering under my belt, I had survived multiple rounds of brutal lay-offs and the stress was getting to me. I thought it might be time to take a […]

A Year of Dreaming Dangerously With Food

Since I started writing on this blog a year ago,  things have shifted all over the place for me.  My dreams have gone from simply being a private chef at luxury vacation villas to providing food on private jets, filming cooking videos for E-how/Rachael Ray, and now,  teaching culinary arts to challenged teens so they […]

Have You Wanted to be the Next Supermarket Superstar?

The smartest thing you can do before you embark on your big dream journey is interview people who are already a success in the industry you want to be a success in and solicit their advice. Sometimes, (if you are lucky, and have an online platform) a publicist will reach out to you and offer […]

Dreaming Big Requires the Best Duck Stuffing Recipe

For all my celebrity chef dreamers out there, this post serves as a reminder that the holidays are just around the corner. It’s the perfect time for budding chefs with big culinary dreams to experiment in the kitchen and discover some new flavors. Nothing will make your holiday more special than creating your own best […]