Finding Happiness When A Dream is Delayed

I have been an overachiever for as long as I can remember (since birth, I think!). So when a dream takes longer to manifest than what I’ve hoped or anticipated, it can be challenging. I’m used to setting goals and making things happen! And my favorite speed is the speed of light. I like to […]

9 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Dream Big

Doing what you love, and dreaming big, is well, complicated. How do we trust what we are going after will be something in the end that we really want? How do we know it’s the right dream? And why is is so hard for some of us to find out what it is we dream […]

Advice To Dreamers Feeling Demotivated

What is it then that causes dreamers to slowly begin to drift away from their dreams like a boat set adrift without an anchor?  I read somewhere once that motivation is hard – failure is easy. But maybe it is a built in mechanism carried over from our cave-women days to protect us and keep […]

How to have a Positive Mental Attitude About your Big Dream

Do you struggle with taking real steps towards making your dreams come true? Do you start to work on your dream, then give up as soon as it becomes difficult? Successful dreaming is being clear about exactly what we want–right down to the look and feel of it and this process requires that we eradicate any negative thoughts […]

Don’t Envy the Dream — Live One

I received nine phone calls from her today, a low for our average day spent answering questions and sharing memories. Three years ago, I was told she would only live six months to a year. She’s a stubborn depression-era survivor and a retired registered nurse who has outlived two husbands. Doctors be-damned. These past three […]

8 Solstice Rituals To Make Your Dreams Come True

If there ever was a night to declare your dream vision for the future and set your dream journey in motion with a ritual, then solstices are your nights. The summer solstice happens June 20 to 23 in the Southern Hemisphere, and the winter solstice comes each year between December 21 to 23 in the Northern […]

Dream Achievement Found Lagging

For most of you who follow my writings here about dream achievement know that when I was in my 20’s I set aside my dream to become a journalist and chose another career direction. I had lost all interest in writing due to the emotional fallout stemming from a traumatic event where I set my […]