Motivation For The Entrepreneur

My Business Is Great But My Life Is A Mess My Uncle Peter was an extremely successful business man who never talked about business at home, and never talked about his family at work. He prided himself on life balance. Until he had a heart attack. Turns out stress was more powerful than his life […]

Finding Happiness Through Giving Ourselves A Break

Happiness alights upon us when we stop chasing it – isn’t that what people say about joy, and butterflies? I left the pursuit of goals behind for a few days, and instead just indulged in activities that light me up. Singing, dancing, yoga, meditation, and communities of like-minded people: It was a weekend full of […]

Finding Happiness with Martha Beck and My Soul Tribe

Five years ago this month, I enrolled in a training that would change my life forever. It was the beginning of an eight-month journey to become a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, and it would introduce me to a “soul tribe” of like-minded spirits who are still lifting me up today. I recently had the chance […]

Finding Happiness Because You Are A Walking Miracle

Lately, I am finding happiness again in reminding people what a miracle this life is, what a miracle they are, and what dazzlingly miraculous and joyful journeys our lives can truly be when we believe in ourselves and believe that anything is possible.

Finding Happiness Through Sharing Healthy Living Tips

Right now I am finding happiness both through my vegan lifestyle, and through the joy of sharing it with others through a new venture I am launching: the 21-Day GO VEGGIE! Challenge.

Finding Happiness in Being Thankful

No matter what is happening in our lives right now, as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, there is always something for which we can be thankful. This is a great time of year to focus actively on the practice of gratitude. Research has demonstrated that people who practice gratitude regularly have a host of benefits. Physical benefits […]

Finding Happiness When A Dream is Delayed

I have been an overachiever for as long as I can remember (since birth, I think!). So when a dream takes longer to manifest than what I’ve hoped or anticipated, it can be challenging. I’m used to setting goals and making things happen! And my favorite speed is the speed of light. I like to […]

Finding Happiness Through Time With Family

Last week, I got to spend time with my extended family during a couple of special occasions. I am so blessed to have a big, wonderful, crazy and fun Irish family.

Finding Happiness Through Random Adventures

I am sitting outside as I write this on a gorgeous fall day, in an outdoor butterfly garden, featuring purple butterfly bushes and tall red and pink stalks of flowers, as well as bushes that look like large purple elephant ears. It is edged by a low stone wall. The sky is a perfect blue, […]