Fun Videos: How To Get Graphic Design Motivation

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As the year quickly turns into mid-February,  I am trying to figure out how to motivate myself for Graphic Design.

I am working on revamping my design portfolio and make it more updated.

Design jobs seem to be scarce out there this month.  I don’t want to have my own business now, so what do I do?

Well, I have been working on designs, learning more about the programs, and thinking about maybe taking some classes on Web Design.

I’ve been really sick too.  Just like Catherine we seem to be sharing the same start to 2010 with lots of Kleenex and cold medicine.  When you are a mom, and sick, it’s all you can do to make sure the laundry gets done – let alone – plan your next career move.

While I work out my plan for my next career move, and attempt to keep my sense of humor,  I am sharing this fun video I found called  – When Graphic Designers Get Bored.


Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day and holiday weekend!

Till next week,


(Kim has already accomplished her first big dream by traveling to New York with her teenage daughter June of 2009. She lost 20 pounds and overcame her intense dislike (do we say fear?) of flying to accomplish that dream. She rotated off the blog in February 2010, but still hangs out with 8 Women Dream.  You can find her in the comments section)

  • Kim that is hilarious :)

    Glad to hear you are working on designs and also considering Web Design classes – that could be fun and could give you added options and flexibility as you job search.

    Wishing you luck and sending healing thoughts – FEEL BETTER!

    Hugs to you and your family,

    p.s. say hi to your girls for me! :)

  • Catherine

    These are hilarious and I can so see you doing this too, in fact you kind of do this every time you feature your pugs and cats.

    I am finally on the mend again, so hope you are feeling better too.


  • Remy G

    Happy Monday! I hope you are on the mend. What a take down that cold has been! I’m not sure if graphic design and animation are similar fields, cause its all computers to me. But this is my client Bobby owns an online animation school – thought it would be cool to check out…for fun, while you re-coop and re-group.
    Hang in there. Rem

  • Veronica

    Happy Valentine’s Day, thank’s for the job well done on your blog