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I declared my dream two weeks ago and suddenly another dream, smaller but no less unapproachable from where I thought I sat was delivered.

We went to Seattle last weekend with our friend Claudio. He and my husband work together at Horizon Airlines,where we can fly for free.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Seattle Glass Blowing Studio see http://www.seattleglassblowing.com.

They were blowing glass while a great band played. Energy was high and smooth.  We felt like we were in wonderland. There was a class going on in the workshop .  I was interested  – but marginally.  I Iove all things glass, but if I can’t do it myself then watching someone else do it is torture.

I can’t adequately explain what it is about glass that strikes deep in my soul. I like to imagine how people first came upon glass.

Was it formed from a lightning strike on a beach?

Did early humans discover it the morning after a large fire in the sand?

Can you imagine their amazement and wonder?Galss blowing at the Seattle Glass Blowing school

While I occupied myself shopping, Paul and Claudio were invited for a closer look by the teacher.

The reason I love this studio is they are approachable and willing to educate people who are just passing through.

When I came back to the workshop, I began to ask questions.  I was drooling in ecstasy being as close to the glass work as I’ve ever been.

My husband  Paul said, “Would you like to take the classes?”

For only the second time in my life I was stunned speechless.  If you know me,  you know how remarkable that is!

Our budget has been very tight and Paul has been so supportive the last 2 1/2 years as I try to get my business to the level we need financially. The last thing I would have asked for, much less thought was possible was a glass blowing class.

For 6 Saturdays, starting in March I will be flying to Seattle every weekend to live one of my longest standing dreams!  It’s taking a long time to sink in and it’s and it is weeks away so it’s still a bit unreal.

We are all putting our hearts out there and I guess the Universe - or in this case my amazing husband – can’t help but respond.

Things are gonna work out fine if you only will live, love hope and dream.


(Alyse’s dream was to travel to Tibet and learn a secondary skill of glass blowing.  Alyse accomplished her dream of learning glass blowing in 2009 and left the 8 Women Dream group an accomplished dreamer)


  • Ah Alyse, your post is full of the magic we are all striving to find! It is the magic of not only recognizing something you want to do, have a passion to do, but also to put yourself out there and experience it – dare I say – to FEEL it. Love this post!

  • Lilja

    I liked you post. And wish you all the best:)
    What a great idea to form a site with Eight Women Dream and share your dreams with the rest of us.

    Also I want to thank Eight Women Dream for visiting my site and for the wonderful comment.

  • Catherine

    Well look at that … I just think you may have conjured yourself up a dream… wonderful post Alyse … do you think you might try and find glass blowing work once you are trained? There’s Wolfard Glass Blowing: http://www.wholesalehousewaresusa.info/wolfard-glass-blowing/470 Their corporate office is right near you at:
    Wolfard Glassblowing Inc
    6788 Sebastopol Ave
    Sebastopol, CA 95472-3861
    (707) 823-9994
    There are quite a few listed here: http://santa-rosa-ca.iaf.net/yp_results.php?ReportType=44&provider=107&qbc=Glass+Blowing&qz=94928&qk=16
    I am loving these stories. Dawnda is finding all kinds of “signs” about her dream. KB is moving along … pretty soon the rest of us will have to catch up. Hmmmmmm