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European Designer Jewelry/a Schiffer Book for Collectors [Hardcover]
I remember drooling on the Saks Fifth Avenue jewelry counter when I first saw the work of an inspirational jewelry designer.

I became obsessed and motivated to learn how to make jewelry.

The jewelry captured the idea of reaching into a treasure chest, long buried in the sea, and the beautiful tangle that you would be holding in your hand if you reached in and grabbed a handful of jewels.

But I blew it.

  • I didn’t write the name down, of course.
  • It was so incredibly unique that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wanted to find out more.  I returned to Saks within a few weeks to find out the artist’s name.
  • Saks had already updated their displays.  I missed out.

In honor of that memory and those of you who have big jewelry designer dreams, I want to share with you a few of the designers that I have connected with over the past 5 years.

My Top 5 Inspirational Jewelry Designers

1. David Yurman

Bold silver and lots of color. Who doesn’t love some sparkle? I am a huge fan of his rings.Buy David Yurman Fragrance Gift Set (1 Oz Eau De Parfum Spray + 6.8 Oz Luxurious Body Lotion + Fancy Black Box)

In 1982, American designer David Yurman introduced what became his signature–the cable bracelet–a twisted helix adorned with gemstones on its finial ends. Other notable collections include Silver Ice (incorporating silver and pave diamonds), the Buckle Collection and the X collection.

The family owned and operated jewelry and watch business is well-known for its lifestyles images on the pages of fashion magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and Town & Country with supermodel Kate Moss and others. (Wkikipedia)

2. Robert Tacori

The bridal jewelry is exquisite . . . can you tell when I fell in love with their designs? Everything has a regal, crown element that I love.

Robert Tacori is an American jewelry designer focusing on platinum and diamond bridal jewelry. The family-owned design firm is located in California and retailed throughout the United States and Canada.

The company was established by Haig Tacorian and his wife Gilda after he relocated to California from Europe in 1969.  In 2000, the company received some press when their ring was featured on television show Friends as the ring with which Chandler proposed to Monica. (Wikipedia)

3. Mikimoto

Deep color pulled out of the ocean. Pearls have an inner glow and are beautiful to work with. Oh, they are my birthstone and the deep green ones are my favorite.

The skill of a scientist and the soul of an artist combined to create the genius of Kokichi Mikimoto, the inventor of cultured pearls. A visionary on a quest for beauty, it was his dream to “adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls.”

Since his company’s founding in 1893, elegant women worldwide have been entranced by cultured pearls … mysterious gems of the sea. The first Mikimoto Pearl Store opened in 1899 in Tokyo’s chic Ginza shopping district, home to the latest Western fashion trends. Kokichi Mikimoto quickly demonstrates his strength in luxury jewelry retailing. (

4. Boucheron Paris

Goal: to own a piece of their jewelry. Soon. Couture straight from the source. A new creation designed by Marc Newson that is quite amazing.

The House of Boucheron is a French family dynasty founded by Frederic Boucheron in 1858. In 1893, Frederic Boucheron became the first jeweler to move to Place Vend´me. Legend has it that he chose 26 Place Vend´me, where Boucheron remains to this day, because it was the sunniest corner of the square. He believed that the diamonds in the windows would sparkle all the more brilliantly.

Boucheron has compiled a classification system by which to determine the value of a diamond, developed on the basis of the diamond’s international currency. The Boucheron method of appreciation has been registered under the name B.I.R.D. (Boucheron International Rating of Diamonds).

This original classification system is based on an evaluation of diamond quality and relies on a combined analysis of two criteria: first, the degree of clarity and second, the colour of the stone. The point at which these two variables, “clarity” and “colour” intersect gives rise to a mark of appreciation of between 90/100 and 99/100 for the quality of the diamond. A mark of 100/100 would indicate that a stone possesses the ultimate degree of perfection, according to Boucheron’s criteria. (Wikipedia)

5. Miriam Haskell

The story and history are almost as sparkling as the jewels. Details, depth and glamour. This piece fascinates me and is part of her Chromatic collection.

Miriam Haskell (July 1, 1899-July 14, 1981) was an American designer of costume jewelry. Like Hattie Carnegie, Haskell founded her own company, one that still bears her name. With her creative partner Frank Hess, she invented affordable pieces of stunning originality from 1920 through the 1950s. Vintage examples and samples of Miriam Haskell designs are now much sought, held in both private collections and museums internationally.

Today Miriam Haskell jewellery is highly sought after by costume jewellery enthusiasts, her vintage pieces command high prices and are prized by collectors. Interestingly, her jewellery was very seldom signed before 1950, it was her brother Joseph Haskell who introduced the first regularly signed Miriam Haskell jewellery. (Wikipedia)

You may notice that all my choices are fine jewelry designers.

Jewelry is my hobby stream of income. It doesn’t make it any less of a dream. I just have to recognize who is out there living my dream and ask myself if this is something I can dedicate time to becoming good at – or famous at.

Remember, I am not a fine jewelry designer. I just play one on a blog.

Do I have what it takes to turn this hobby into a bigger dream than just playing around with some beads and wire?

What about you? Do you have dreams you are not sure you can see through to the level that it makes you someones inspiration?


PS. If you are interested, I’ve done a few other posts about my jewelry business dream. They are Be Careful With The Family Jewels; How To Pick Colors For Your Jewelry and How To Choose a Jewelry Pattern. Enjoy!

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  • H

    Thank you Eb

  • Ebenstein

    Hi, you guys are doing great. I love your blog!

  • Kim, the traveler

    Beautiful sites. I wish I loved to buy jewelry more and want to wear it more. Maybe I will someday!

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  • Heather, great reminder to track and note things when inspiration strikes (get the name or photo of the designer you love, etc…) Same reason why writers should always carry around a notepad or journal – you never know when inspiration will strike! :)

    Moving forward on all my dreams with velocity but may still make myself that cup of hot cocoa – with mmm amaretto ;) tonight… Thanks for that inspiration too!


    • H

      Or take a photo with your Iphone!

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Wow I like that idea Rem. I like the blue one by Boucheron Paris designed by Marc Newson. I’s just have to get the dress and the body and the money and the man to go with it

    • H

      I’ll help in any way I can.

  • Remy, the photographer

    I’ve always dreamed of having a Tacori ring…something described like this…

    Bloom a round center stone with blossom-like diamond enhancers surrounding the crown of the diamond for a totally pretty ring with romantically demure diamond details curving along the top of the band’s shoulders. HT2299

    Gosh they are all beautiful. I guess I’d better find someone to give it to me, huh?

    I find inspiration in textures and shapes…and how those are put together, whether its in jewelry, a painting or in nature…doesn’t matter.

    AND, I have Heather Montgomery designer original earrings and you cant have them back. Ever. Rem

    • H

      LOL Remy.

      I don’t want them back ;-)