How It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Dreams

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Lisa is a freelance writer, consultant and life coach. She has her BA in English and Creative Writing from Princeton and her MPA from Harvard. Lisa recently finished the first draft of her book manuscript, Burning Down the House. Her dream is to publish this first book and teach the world how to discover their hidden joy. Her post day is Tuesday.
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How It's Never Too Late to Live Your Dreams; Never too late image quote

She wore a blue silk suit and arranged the bouquets herself.

He looked boyish, grinning ear-to-ear, holding his new bride’s hand. Everyone agreed that she was glowing.

They danced to their favorite song, Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade. She was a modern woman, and she had married a younger man.

He was 79, she was 82. They met online.

Last weekend, I went to Ve and Don’s wedding in Delaware. For anyone who’s ever thought they were too old to fall in love, or to live their dreams, I challenge you to think again, and be inspired by Don and Ve.

These two started corresponding less than a year ago on a seniors’ online dating Website.

Both had been married previously for more than 50 years, and both had nursed spouses who were convalescing for years. Both were widowed in the past decade.

A Long-Distance Love Affair

It was a long-distance love affair — Ve lived in Nebraska, the state where she was born in a sod house as her son Dana loves to say (“This is my mother Ve, and she was born in a sod house”). Don lived in Delaware.

On the 4th of July last summer, Ve traveled to Delaware to visit Don and was introduced to his whole family. Don had told his daughter Kathy that he’d met “the one.”

In November, he proposed. She was shocked.

When I talked to Ve two days after the wedding, I asked if she was still floating on the clouds. “Why wouldn’t I be?” she said.

“I think we’re going to do just fine,” she added.


How It's Never Too Late to Live Your Dreams: John gray on love

No Age Limits On Our Dreams

Ve and Don give me hope that with a vision of what we want, and inspired action, we can create and live our dreams, at any age.

And frankly, I needed a dose of inspiration this week! Honestly, it has been challenging to get writing again after all my travels and time away from my regular writing schedule.

I’m committed to sitting down to write at least four days a week and need to write 20 more pages before I meet with my writing coach in February. In fact, I just wrote five new pages today.

I don’t generally suffer from “writers’ block,” although sometimes what I write is dreck. My first drafts are not generally Pulitzer Prize material. Sometimes, I just need to get something down on the page, knowing I can return to it later to slash and edit.

That’s the space I’m in right now with my writing.

Writing requires putting the time in – sitting my duff down at my desk and doing it.

Nothing happens without getting ourselves in motion — all dreams without action are simply pipe dreams.

Intention and Taking Inspired Action!

Which is why Ve and Don are so inspiring. These two had the courage to get online, seeking love, after losing the first loves of their lives.

They did not let their age or life circumstances stop them from believing that they could find love and companionship again. And they found it.

I believe in the power of intention — deciding what we want, and holding a vision for it – and in taking inspired action.

Can you take some inspired action toward your dreams this week?

You never know when or how things will happen. Have faith that it is never too late to find love, or to live your dreams.


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  • Marco Mettling

    Thanks for this, I found it really interesting and enjoyed reading it. I found your site on google, you should advertise it more

  • Kim, the traveler

    You can never give up on dreams or you’d be dead!

  • Rachel

    Lisa, I do have a lot of questions as I read, and if you’d like to discuss them offline, I’d love to hear from you. I PM’d you on yehoodi with contact info.

    However, I know you have a lot going on in your life, and I do have other people I can talk to. Several of the women at PT meditate, and I’ve started a discussion there. Plus there’s my family, who I need to talk to anyway. So please don’t feel obligated — only write me if you have the time and interest.

  • Rachel

    Thanks, Lisa. I started reading the book you said your teacher recommended. That one’s not working out for me — if you know of anyone who would want it, and wouldn’t mind me having their address, I can send it to them.

    So just yesterday, I got another book (which also came with “guided meditation” CDs.) This one was sent by a friend from PT who really liked it — sooo nice of her. This book seems like it will work very well for me. You can tell they were just written for different kinds of people (or different kinds of thinkers, I guess you could say.) I plan to try one of the CDs today, and I’m looking forward to seeing how that will go :)

    Still, I’m kind of glad I tried the book that’s a poor fit first, because otherwise I might not have looked at 2 different ones, and it was good for me to see some of the introductory stuff presented in different ways.

  • Hello lovely ladies… I just wrote you all a wonderful response and lost it somehow, so here goes again! :)

    Julita sweetie, so glad you are exercising and doing good things for YOU – You are worth it beautiful!!!

    Rachel, great advice (so astute as always!) and loved this: “And if someone accuses you of being selfish because you’re not doing enough for them, who do you think is really being selfish there?”

    Remy thanks for your kind words :) and I totally agree… We do outgrow some dreams, and dreams change over time. I think the point I wanted to make with this sweet love story is that we can still living some big dreams at ANY age (as Cath’s awesome post last Sunday proved as well!).

    Rachel and Cath, proud of you both for meditating! It is SO good for us! And proud of you Rachel for committing to it as a process, not needing it to be “perfect” (nothing is!) and just learning from it as you go… Let me know if I can be helpful with any other meditation resources or info!

    And Cath – feel better hon!!! Glad you are taking such good care of yourself – sending healing energy!

    Love to all!

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Rachel you are just too cute. Yes, I am afraid of that myself and no I have not seen a doctor yet. Having an auto immune thyroid disease we tend to take longer to heal in general.

    But I have been taking really, really good care of myself… grrrr doctors.

    • Rachel

      Yes, Catherine, I just can’t help myself. I try to mother everyone, whether they want/need it or not ;) It’s partly a golden rule thing — I love it when other people do that for me.

  • Rachel

    Have gone to the doctor? If it’s hanging on so long, there could be a secondary infection (ear, sinus, bronchitis)?

  • Catherine

    Great post yet again which thoroughly kicked my butt, but the point was made so well here. This year, I am looking at age 50, and with a dear friend fighting for his life against a very serious cancer, I am suddenly thinking how life is just too short – and I have so much I still want to do.

    I liked the July 4th part since that is my birthday. One of my greatest gift in this life (next to having my son) was to be born on the 4th of July.

    I have been meditating – what I haven’t been doing is starting my work out for the Bay to Breakers. Can you believe that I STILL have this cold??

  • Rachel

    “Can you take some inspired action toward your dreams this week?”

    I wouldn’t exactly classify the things I’m working toward this year as dreams, but …

    I did actually make my first attempt at practicing meditation today. I can’t say that it went very well, but I’m sure I learned something from it, and the important thing is that I quit saying, “I want to try that some day”; I quit planning to do it soon, I quit talking about doing it, and made a sincere attempt to practice it.

    So to answer the question, I will make at least 3 attempts at mediation this week, and use what I learn each time to help the next time work better.

  • Remy G

    Lisa- great post. My Papa got remarried at 79 to a women he had known all his life as a good family friend. He told me before he died that the past 7 years were his favorite – he laughed and ate well everyday! Dreams that I had even 5 years ago are different than the dreams I have today – for a few reasons – I think we can all say we’ve grown into, and out of, things…But your point is important. With intention you can accomplish anything. And dreams without action are just ideas. Keep taking steps, you’ll make it. And you are a fantastic writer, by the way! Rem

  • Julita

    so happy for this couple, and i know they will be happy together coming from similar backgrounds.

    ‘Nothing happens without getting ourselves in motion’, and what a true statement that is. especially this time of the year, when days are short and cold, when it is so easy to stay lazy and so hard to keep focused.

    you asked: ‘Can you take some inspired action toward your dreams this week?’

    I hope so, it is almost the end of january and i have so much to do. I have to move all of my stuff (and my kids stuff) from one house to another, fix up my house in Stamford, clean it and paint it so that I may put it up on the market ASAP. I wish i had a husband who would work with me but my husband is the way he is, and that will never change. we had a huge fight last night right before going to bed, then i was up all night not able to fall asleep. then early morning my 22 year old sister was telling me about her life, which is nice to hear. but, sometimes I wish she would listen to me too…

    I need to take care of ME and my needs and not care anymore when people call me selfish. in my 40s for the first time in my life i have the right to be selfish, and think of my needs.

    so, my ‘inspired action’ is to exercise more. I will go for walks before or after work, every day, I will force myself to get outside and feel fresh air on my face no matter how cold it is, or how lazy i feel.

    all my best to you Lisa and whoever is reading this, :)

    • Rachel

      “so, my ‘inspired action’ is to exercise more. I will go for walks before or after work, every day, I will force myself to get outside and feel fresh air on my face no matter how cold it is, or how lazy i feel.”

      Sounds like a good plan. I always feel better when I manage to do that myself.

      It is not selfish to insist on taking care of your own needs. You need to be healthy, to be of most value to others. Letting others’ needs come first all the time, isn’t the best way to help them in the long term. Because when you do that, you become run down, and eventually unable to help, and they may not know how to do without your help when that happens.

      This was a hard thing for me to learn. It was at about 40 that I started doing more to take care of myself, and, yes, felt selfish for it. But I’ve come to realize that since I’ve become more healthy and energetic, I’ve actually been able to be more help to others.

      And if someone accuses you of being selfish because you’re not doing enough for them, who do you think is really being selfish there?

  • p.s. Since this is also the time to honor the legendary Martin Luther King Jr. (one of my personal heroes, as he is for so many around the world), here is a quote from Dr. King about faith and moving toward our dreams:

    “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • I love it that Cath also wrote about amazing people who are young at heart and living their dreams this week:

    If you haven’t read her post yet, read it – the list of people who have lived their dreams at 80, 90, 100 is extraordinary! (so inspiring!)

    Here’s wishing Don and Ve a lifetime of happiness together – love, joy, blessings and the sweet gift of companionship. You two give me hope! :)

    p.s. Great minds must think alike, Cath ;) I hadn’t read your post until after writing mine and when I did, loved the synchronicity. :)