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DailyFeats and 8 Women Dream Present Your “Dream Big” Challenge!

DailyFeats and dreamers are a perfect match

We have exciting new things happening on 8 Women Dream every day. A big opportunity that is headed your way in July is our partnership with the DailyFeats.com team to help you “DREAM BIG”.

Who is DailyFeats?

If you haven’t read my past product launch posts that introduce you to the DailyFeats site and their service here’s the really short answer:

Use their site to check stuff off of your to-do list and get points for it.

Looking for a longer answer? Here’s a quick overview:

Start with small steps, get things done, earn rewards.

By breaking down your goals into simple daily actions, you can reduce stress, save money, organize your life, lose weight, or do more of whatever makes you happy.

As you make progress, you’ll share with friends, gain inspiration from the community, and earn points to redeem for rewards or donations.

Some of the DailyFeats partners and some very impressive press – including Oprah’s O magazine – are an excellent barometer to the interaction and support they are providing to help you get to your goals.

What is this all about?

We had been contacted by DailyFeats several months ago about a partnership opportunity. At the time we were just brainstorming on the best way to interact with their audience, and how to bring the concept of “DREAM BIG” to their users.

This “DREAM BIG” project has been several months in the making and we are about ready to bring it to you.

  • Have you wanted a way to keep your dream goals in front of you daily?
  • Been looking for a partner to pat you on the back when you get your dream tasks completed?
  • Wanting to make a change, but wasn’t sure how to get started?

Here’s a little insight about my own personal experience with DailyFeats and how it has helped me.

What is the “challenge”?

Every dream… just like you… is unique. How can we possibly be covering all the options? With these DailyFeats, you will find some pretty cool focused tasks you can apply to YOUR dream – trust me. What can you accomplish if you get just a few of these done?

  • New Skills: Our dreams may be just out reach simply because we need to learn something new. Get that on your list now, and pick up a new skill!
  • Research: We all have to figure out how to take the next step. If that takes a bit a research, now is the time to check that off your list!
  • Victory: You know that our dream path has several milestones that deserve a little victory dance. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting there!
  • Unplug: It is not easy to find some quiet time to work on your dream. Taking time – even if it’s only 15 minutes a day, unplug from everything and let yourself dream!
  • Ask for help: No one gets to where they are without help. They don’t call it a “dream team” for nothing! Keep your dream support close and be sure to ask for help to get you there.

Join 8 Women Dream on our Dream Big challenge on DailyFeats

Why we want you to participate

8 Women Dream was started from this very idea of getting past our daily routine (read: excuses) and working on our dreams. As our readers, you have watched our own struggle to find the time, energy, money, drive, and motivation to keep our dreams moving forward.

Its your turn!

By letting yourself focus on your own BIG DREAM for this 30-day challenge, we will all have opportunity to see what we truly are capable of.

When you participate, you will have access to:

  • customized information on 8 Women Dream that helps you get to that next step in your dream.
  • chance to win great prizes
  • get regular pats on the back form the 8 Women Dream team – or in DailyFeats terms “props!” – for getting tasks done that get you closer to your dream.

This has been our fearless leader’s Catherine’s goal from the start of 8 Women Dream – your participation can lead to your dream coming true!

One of these pages focuses on “How to Find your Dream” – this is just one of many resources that Catherine has been hard at work gathering to provide even more detailed information on how you can take your dream steps.

How to get involved

There are still details we are working out, and we will be keeping you up to date through blog posts and updates to this page. Want to get started?

Go do this now…

  1. Sign up for DailyFeats
  2. Take a look at the challenges that are already in progress. There are some big names – from fellow bloggers, hot names in Hollywood, and an Oprah challenge too! – and your 8 Women Dream team challenge will be right there next to them, achieving our dream goal together!


We are ready to take the challenge ourselves, and are looking forward to seeing how far you can get with your dream goals. See you soon!

– Your 8 Women Dream Team


Update June 29: The Team at DailyFeats is working on our challenge as we speak… link is coming soon!

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