Warning: It’s My Last Post Of 2009

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Wow, the last week of 2009. And the last post.

I can’t believe I’ve been posting for a year on this site. I don’t even think I’ve missed many either, maybe one or two. How does time fly by so fast? Can it please slow down!

What has happened for me in 2009 with my dreams?

Well, my first dream, starting in January 2009, was to lose weight for my trip to New York with my daughter.


(Too bad I gained all the weight back. Now it will be my goal again in 2010 for the marathon)

My new dream is to prepare myself with knowledge for a trip to Japan.


(Well, I started it at least, still so much to discover)

My other dream is to become a successful Graphic Designer.


(This one needs a lot of work. My goal for 2010 is to find a full-time job as a Graphic Designer.)

There is a lot of work to be done. But I am looking forward to the challenge of making my dreams come true this year. I will try not to get too frustrated or down about things. January and February are usually depressing months for me, coming down from the holidays, but this year I am going to get to work and make things happen!

Meanwhile, our Japanese Exchange Student is here with us and it has been going pretty nicely. She speaks amazing English which is not the case with the other students. We got lucky! We can communicate very easily.

Except for the jet-lag she has been keeping up with the Christmas holidays well. We will be going shopping to the Great Mall this week, and explore San Francisco. We will also go to the Charles Schulz Museum and the Snoopy Ice-Arena, which Sonoma County is known for. We even took her to her first Mexican dinner. She took a picture of the plate;)

She has been helping us decide which places to explore in Japan and teaching us some of their traditions. She is very sweet and easy going.

On to the New Year! Here’s to hoping everyone achieves their goals! I’m looking forward to the marathon and feeling good about getting healthy again.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Till next year ;-)


(Kim has already accomplished her first big dream by traveling to New York with her teenage daughter June of 2009. She lost 20 pounds and overcame her intense dislike (do we say fear?) of flying to accomplish that dream. She rotated off the blog in February 2010, but still hangs out with 8 Women Dream.  You can find her in the comments section)

  • Kim, I’m so thrilled that things have worked out so well for you with your exchange student!!! That’s wonderful, and a fun way to effortlessly work toward your dream – planning out possible places to visit in Japan together, etc. and learning more about the culture and country. Fantastic! :-) Proud of you for taking it on! (and I’m sure your girls are loving it too… what a beautiful pic BTW!).

    As for all that you have accomplished in the past year – Bravo! And here’s to working on dreams together a part of this dream team in the coming year… Here to help you keep your energy and spirits up in those darker winter months!

    Say hi to your girls for me!

    Hugs and Happy New Year,

  • Rachel

    So glad to hear the exchange student is working out well. What a nice break for you :)