How to Make 2010 The Best Year Yet

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Lisa is a freelance writer, consultant and life coach. She has her BA in English and Creative Writing from Princeton and her MPA from Harvard. Lisa recently finished the first draft of her book manuscript, Burning Down the House. Her dream is to publish this first book and teach the world how to discover their hidden joy. Her post day is Tuesday.
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2009 was full of adventures for me.

I was surfing in Costa Rica; celebrating Christmas in Argentina where I have danced night after night until sunrise, one night dancing in the pouring rain to Brazilian bossa nova; attending President Obama’s inauguration, and partying at one of the official balls where Barack and Michelle danced on-stage 20 feet away from me; traveling to swing and blues dancing events in Montreal, New York City, San Francisco and Boston; throwing big parties including a Halloween masquerade; exploring more of this beautiful world, including hiking along the cliffs and beaches of California and enjoying the fiery fall foliage in upstate New York; starting a new relationship with a smart and sexy man; and moving forward with many of my dreams.

So How Am I Doing On Those Dreams?
This is the year that I finally committed to writing my first book, with a deadline to complete the draft manuscript by 10/10/10.

I created a support structure for myself to work toward that goal – hiring a writing coach, partnering with a writing buddy, letting the world know about my goal through my posts here at 8womendream.

Becoming part of 8womendream was a dream realized for me as well, as I set the intention over a year ago to blog weekly and grow my readership, while working on my books. That dream has come true here!

So How Was Your Year?
At the end of the year, it is a favorite practice of mine to reflect back upon the lessons learned, joys and accomplishments of the past year, while also creating a vision for what I hope to achieve and experience in the coming year.

My sisters and I are mapping out our goals and dreams for 2010, here in Argentina, over the Christmas holiday, as we look to create the best year yet for ourselves in 2010… Wishing the same for you!

Here are the dream exercises we are doing here in Argentina:

1) Reflect back on the past year. What were the lessons learned, your proudest achievements, your happiest moments?

I love to remember and write down what brought me the most pleasure and joy in the past year. Sometimes I am surprised by what was most memorable after a whole year of work, play, and time with those I love. Sometimes it is a new friendship or a trip that stands out, sometimes lessons learned in moments when life didn’t go my way.

2) Now, imagine that it is December 31, 2010. Acting as if you are standing in that moment, write down what the past year was like.

In other words, imagine that 2010 has already happened and it was all that you dreamed of! Where are you on December 31, 2010? What were the greatest memories and accomplishments of the past year?

3) Now, identify some action steps that you can take each month, week or day to make these things happen, and write them down. Make them fun!

For example, if you want to be in awesome physical shape in December 2010, pick a form of exercise that you love – maybe dancing, or biking, or hiking – that will inspire you. Decide that you’ll exercise in a way that inspires you every week, because it feels good!

I really believe in making our goals fun so that we are more inspired to achieve them. Find the things that make your heart sing, and get into action. Make it happen! Why not commit to making 2010 your best year yet?

Doing what we love is good for us, and good for the world. Even the Dalai Lama says, “I believe the very purpose of life is to be happy.”

Wishing you a 2010 full of love, joy and peace and more happiness than your heart can hold! Share it with others, let it overflow!


Lisa_avatar(Lisa has launched her dream by signing up for Ellen Sussman’s “Memoir-in-a-Year” class, speaking her story out loud at a Take Back the Night rally, and committing to a regular writing schedule – 50 pages completed by December 5th, when she also turned in her first book chapter! Being invited to join was a dream come true, and she looks forward to chronicling her writing process. Lisa is currently bi-coastal with her home in historic Troy, New York and her heart in San Francisco.  Lisa’s post day is Tuesday).


  • Hi all ~ Glad 2010 will provide a much needed “fresh start” for everyone and hope it brings much happiness…

    I love what Jason had to say about it too:

    “This year, why not create a personal story that is big enough to include *all of life* and not only what’s “good” or what we (think we) want?”

    Ah my brilliant friend, wonderful insights as always…

    Here is to welcoming ALL of life in 2010 even as we pursue our dreams… allowing life to flow.

    Sending much love to you all!!! And standing in gratitude for what has happened in my life to bring me to this moment, and for where I am now… Looking forward to the adventures of the coming year.


  • Jason

    New beginnings, fresh starts … ! This year, why not create a personal story that is big enough to include *all of life* and not only what’s “good” or what we (think we) want? Life is full of surprises, including a few bumps from time to time. So, let’s agree to take it all in! We already know we can’t control everything that happens to us, so allowing a little space for what does arise goes a long way in helping us release from resistance and live with peace in the present moment. And, the bigger our story, the less we need to “reboot” ourselves once a year on January 1. That’s my resolution for 2010 … Happy New Year, Lis! Safe travels home.

  • Wendy

    Your 2009 was very amazing! Defiantly my favorite moment was finally getting a president that I could respect. I am looking forward to even a more amazing 2010 with Italy on my list. Congratulations again on completing your first chapter.

  • Rachel

    Ha-ha, I don’t know that I have enough imagination to think what life will be like a year from now.

    But I have to say I’m almost sad to see 2009 end. It’s been a good year. I’ve watched my children mature in wonderful ways. I’ve developed a better appreciation for my husband’s support. I’ve learned the benefits of asking for help from sources I onced crossed right off the list of possibilities.

    I know next year will be a challenge. I will be spending a lot of time recovering from a painful surgery early in the year. But I hope, by this time next year, to be moving more easily, and having less pain. Wish me luck!

  • Remy G

    I’m with Julita – 2009 cannot end fast enough – but I cant remember a time in my past where I would reflect on the year and say “wow, I wish this year would go on and on” – I think its natural to want new beginnings, a fresh start…even if the year was awesome…just paving the way for more awesomeness!

    So I’ll just say that there were parts of 2009 that were really hard, and parts that were gratifying and important. I learned alot about myself, my approach to motherhood as a single parent, and my passion for small business. From here, 2010 feels like it will have alot of excitement, possibilities, and wonder…but, hey – ask me about it in June!

    Happy New Year Lisa.

  • Julita

    hi Lisa!

    so you are looking for positive responses, :)

    2009, it can not end fast enough for me!! 2009 was a year where it felt as if it lasted 10 years instead of one. I loved graduating from my nursing school, I loved starting my new job and being able to write RN next to my name. I loved watching my daughters do so well academically and socially. I loved connecting with my 22 year old sister who is talking about marriage.

    2010, I hope to become financially indenpendent for the first time in over 10 years! I hope to move with my girls to Wilton, CT so that they may attend great public schools there. I hope to stay healthy, full of energy, and most importantly I hope to find love in my life!

    wishing you all the best for 2010. can’t wait to read your book, and hope to see you soon!


  • p.s. Love to hear about everyone’s favorite moments of 2009, and what you dream of creating in 2010!



    Besos (that’s kisses in Spanish ;),