Italy, Fundraising and Cream Puff Dreams

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Dreaming of Italy and cream puffs

The killer cream puffs are all gone.

Every year I make cream puffs from scratch for our family gathering on Christmas Eve at my dads. It is about a seven hour process but worth it. I have to say they are heavenly.

Friday was spent soaring through the sherbet colored skies of Pandora.

We did our traditional go to the movies on Christmas and this year we saw Avatar with its visual colors resembling how I love to paint.

This week has been one of gluttony and rest.

I am already excited about next semester of grad school at SF Academy of Art since my classes include a landscape course and a cityscape. Painting in San Francisco has always been one of my smaller dreams but I was never able to motivate myself to travel to the city and paint alone. Starting in February I will be painting there weekly.

As for my 2010 dreams of a trip to Italy and a mini triathlon, I have been working on a plan.  Lately, my exercise has fallen by the wayside and the double recipe of Christmas fudge did not help.

This week, I decided to start slow by walking our dog every day and doing a 20 minute exercise video in the mornings.

The Italy dream feels more like a fantasy then reality at this moment. Especially after buying Christmas gifts on a limited artist budget. My ideas of raising funds for this trip has included making greeting cards from my artwork, a calender and even smaller more affordable studies.

I am great at consistently moving forward with my artwork but I am admittedly horrible at organizing and marketing.

Another thought I had to help raise funds for the trip is to have a special exhibit. A few years ago I did a show in March at a winery with live music and it was very successful. By March everyone has recovered from the holidays and are ready to get out.

Do you know of any creative fund raiser ideas to help send an artist to her dream trip to Italy?

I am open for suggestions.


Wendy’s dream is still to become a influential international artist, but she left 8 Women Dream in March of 2010 to complete grad school. She is still a strong supporter of 8 Women Dream.

  • Remy G

    Wendy, my belief about fund raising is that whatever has worked in the past…start there if you can. Easier to repeat success than to try to build unknown…but…if that isn’t possible, then can you identify what the need of your “audience’ is? And from there, you can always sell 8wd the killer cream puffs – I’m sure between the 7 of us, we can underwrite your trip and then some.

    You had also mentioned going to the city each week for your class – and trips you have to take. If you want company let me know. I would love to tag along, and do some shooting. Weekdays are better if that works for you?

    Happy New Year Wendy!


  • Hi Wendy,

    Cheering you on… Good for you for walking and doing an exercise video, taking small healthy steps, and working on fundraising dream ideas for Italy… I will mull this over for you too!

    Doing a special exhibit with wine and music etc. as a fundraiser sounds like a great idea, as does selling greeting cards. Let’s see if we can all help you brainstorm more ideas at an upcoming 8womendream meeting too… Would love to help you make a plan to make this happen in the New Year!

    Why not write down a vision of yourself painting in Italy too if you haven’t done that already… Write the story as if it’s already happening. Maybe imagine all the successful fundraisers you did to get there too – what comes to mind when you do that (leap ahead to Dec. 2010 and imagine the year from that vantage point?).

    Just some thoughts… Am excited to see what the New Year brings for you and to see all the beautiful new works you create in the New Year!