How Accomplishing a Semester of Grad School Makes for Happy Holidays

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This painting was my last assignment for this semester’s still life class.

I chose to honor the fifth night of Hanukkah and used our menorah as the focus. My mother in law brought this menorah back from a trip to Israel and I have always loved its intricate detail.

Tomorrow our home will be filled with my husband’s family to celebrate.

I am so happy to have completed this semester!

I feel like I was able to overcome so much more then just finishing a semester.

Two years ago I started grad school then hit a marriage crises and left abruptly halfway into the first semester.

The winter of 2007 was a miserable one. In addition to martial strife I developed a new symptom – panic attacks.

My first one bowled me over and I actually called an ambulance.  Then came the slew of medical check ups to rule out any physical causes.

After all physical causes were ruled out, I just had to learn how to breath through them. They were painful and extremely scary.

I am happy to report after six months of marriage therapy, two years of passing time and a semester of grad school, almost all my panic attacks have subsided.

I do still get them in crowded spaces.

So today I celebrate.

I do not have any homework deadlines looming over my head.  I have not had to renew my medication for the attacks in almost a year and I know I am  stronger.

Thank you 8 women dream.

I believe part of this healing process has been being with this supportive group.

I am looking forward to focusing on my 2010 dreams of going to Italy and participating in the Wildflower mini triathlon.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


(Wendy’s dream is still to become a influential international artist, but she left 8 Women Dream in March of 2010 to complete grad school.  She is still a strong supporter of 8 Women Dream and you will see her in the comments on the blog.)

  • Addison

    Wow grad school. I have been dreaming about going myself and you do it with working, a marriage and a family. Inspirational!!!

  • Warner Graham

    Grad school is a lot of work. Did you know that PHD really stands for Prozac handouts Desired. Good luck to you. Your paintings have heart.

  • Happy

    Happy Holidays Everyone! All the best for the New Year.

  • Wendy, as always, another beautiful painting… I feel lucky to be among the first in the world to see your new works, every time you post them here! :)

    CONGRATS on an awesome accomplishment… Not just finishing a semester of grad school, but persevering through the obstacles along the way to get to this point… Not an easy journey – Am proud of you – and happy to be part of the team now that is cheering you on!

    Here´s to even brighter days to come, that triathlon and of course Italy in 2010…


  • Rachel

    Ooooh, no looming deadlines IS such a good feeling.

    Love the painting. Is it for sales?

    ” I have not had to renew my medication for the attacks in almost a year and I know I am stronger.”

    Contratulations — that’s wonderful!

  • Catherine

    Another amazing painting. Enjoy the holidays Wendy – you deserve it!!

  • Remy G

    Congratulations Wendy on finishing your semester! You have earned this well deserved rest and wonderful time with your family. And whatever I can do personally to help you get to Italy, lemme know! What an incredible place to be. Happy New Year. Rem

  • Veronica

    Beautiful painting. Have a wonderful time with your family this week.