Top 5 Tips To Moving Your Office

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Where am I on my entrepreneurial quest for multiple streams of income?

You may remember my briefly mentioning one of our tasks recently was moving our office. It didn’t go far. . . moving from our top floor of the house to the bottom floor of the house. The move had several benefits including more than double the space, lots more windows and a complete separation from the living area.

The move had some ulterior motives too. Easier temperature control was a big one, although this latest cold front is proving that wrong. Another goal for me personally was to re-energize the office space. Have you ever felt more energy when you go in a room you recently cleaned up? In these dark winter months, I can use all the energy I can get.

Visualize Productivity

Visualize Productivity

With this theory, I should be rocking on my productivity. Depending on your outlook, a sign of productivity is either a clean desk OR a messy desk. You can tell from the photo where I stand on desk cleanliness.

So what makes an office more difficult to move? Trying to avoid downtime is the big goal. Finding stuff, especially important stuff is vital. Avoid throwing your back out so you can work in the office once it is set up again, but I’m skipping ahead.

Here are my tips to help you jump over the pitfalls we fell into during this process.

1. Prep the space:
This sounds so self explanatory but simply takes the longest. Where are things going? Did you measure the space? Did you leave enough room for everyone to walk around? Did you plan where all the cats will sleep? These may not all apply to your office.

2.  Prep the connections:
As most modern offices, we need connections. Power, network, phone. Since this space was in our home, we had the joy of finding out how few DSL lines were going into the house, and that none were headed in the right direction. If you don’t have a handy networking contact like my husband hanging around then best of luck. Did I mention this took the longest? Hint – check all the connections BEFORE disassembling the huge desk.

3.  Prep the stuff:
Yes, you can use your arm to simply swipe everything off your desk and into a box. My desk may look like I did that and dumped it right back out! We did lose a closet for storage in the move so re-evaluating what is a “daily” item was fun. So far we have been back up the old office about 3 times a week to get something still up there. With 2 flights of stairs, it counts as a cardio workout.

4.  Prep the people:
Have you ever noticed how most people don’t like change? This is just common courtesy to give those around you a heads up that “Hey! Your desk will be moving locations soon!”. Be ready to take action. Once you say you are changing things, get on it. Of course it’s nice to have group around you that remembers the stuff you casually mention 2 months before and comment “When are you moving the office?”  This can work in your favor as a motivator.

5.  Prep your back:
Do not work out 4 days before the move. The move will count as a workout. 2 flights of stairs, 3 cardio machines going upstairs; Heading downstairs were 2 desks, 3 computers, 6 monitors, 3 chairs, 3 boxes of files, 3 filing cabinets, then all their drawers, 2 printers, 2 boxes of stuff on top of desks and 1 ream of paper.

Moving is a pain, personal or business, but a small amount of preparation and a bottle of Aleeve makes things go smoother. I may see the top of my desk yet.

Have a productive week – Heather

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  • Kim, the traveler

    The new space is awesome! Good job with the moving.

  • TC

    You can come do mine next ;-)

  • CONGRATS on pulling off a move like this – never easy!!! I set up a beautiful new office in my house and honestly now the challenge is getting me to USE the space – I often work in my kitchen, which is the room that gets the most light.

    Not sure what that’s about, except that maybe I need better lighting in my office? I painted the walls blue for “creativity” and it just has one simple overhead light.

    I also tend to use the “cafes as offices” when I need a change of pace from the home office.

    But I digress. You did it! Sounds like it was an overall success with some adjustments still being made – you go girl!


  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Not to mention the happy mascot who loves being able to stare out the big windows now.

    And being able to face the person you like working with. . .

    And watching all the other places that the squirrels like to go. . .

  • Remy G

    VERY helpful and timely post, Heather. I don’t have near the ‘move’ you have, but now that I’m committed to more photography, I have created an organizer “plan” for the office closet to store lots of photos, frames, prints ready to hang, various supplies and all that other STUFF that has found a place in the hall closet or on the floor in my bedroom. The best thing about moving the right way, as you describe, is that you can start ‘clean’ – and there is something motivating about a clean, organized, uncluttered space that contributes to productivity! (well that is what they tell me). Thank you!!! Oh, and can I borrow your husband?