Motivational Speaker Hits Reality TV

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Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson Is Headed to Television

It’s true. In case you missed the other blog posts, I’ve added a new job title to author, motivational speaker, and comedian: TV show cast member. I guess that means I can call myself an actress now, right?

It’s a very cool TV show. It’s called The Fashion Hero ( and the show is really part of a bigger movement to change the unrealistic standards of beauty in the fashion industry. Redefining beauty is a message I am more than happy to be aligned with, and this is the reason why I was chosen to be on two episodes of the first season, hosted by Brooke Hogan (daughter of Hulk Hogan). My message as a motivational speaker is the same as theirs.

Throughout the season, contestants (who don’t fit the standard model qualifications) compete – first online, and then in person. They are put through a series of challenges, get coaching from celebrity mentors, and then are judged by four internationally known clothing designers who at the end of the season will each choose one person to be a face of their brand. The show is filled with drama and emotion as contestants are really challenged physically and emotionally. Even though there are four winners, everybody really wins in the end as they find a new level of strength and compassion for who they are.

I’m one of those celebrity mentors, coming in to teach them (in season one, episodes 2 and 3) how to love themselves and tell their story. I can’t tell you more. You have to watch the show!

I had a blast, and there were so many challenges I went through myself.  I think that everything I have done in my career had led up to this moment. I used every skill, gift, experience, and ounce of stored courage that I had. I’m not sure that I would have been ready for this any earlier. It came at just the right time.

The show will be airing on Amazon Prime this Fall. I’ll keep you posted. Unless I look at myself and hate it, and then I will go radio silent.  :)

Press on my faithful dreamers.