Finding Happiness Because You Are A Walking Miracle

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Lisa is a freelance writer, consultant and life coach. She has her BA in English and Creative Writing from Princeton and her MPA from Harvard. Lisa recently finished the first draft of her book manuscript, Burning Down the House. Her dream is to publish this first book and teach the world how to discover their hidden joy. Her post day is Tuesday.
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ANGEL what if you fly do it

Did you know that the odds of you even being born at all into this world are less than 1 in 400 trillion? In order for you to join the rest of the beings on Planet Earth, your parents had to survive and procreate, and so did their parents, and your grandparents, and great-grandparents, and all the way back to the cave people who had babies who would someday lead to you being born.

We don’t tend to think about the fact that despite such staggeringly great odds being stacked against us, we emerged into this world. It’s easy to forget this, or to forget what a wonder and walking miracle we each are.

Even before you accomplish a single task in a day, know that your heart beats 100,000 times a day, and you take an average of 23,000 breaths. Your body is like a symphony, with trillions of cells in your body operating in perfect harmony all the time, making it all happen without any conscious effort on your body.

Despite all of this, we often get caught up in the minutiae of life and get stressed out by the little things. We are these walking miracles, and each one of us is as completely unique as a snowflake, and as beautiful and unrepeatable.

Yet someone cutting us off in traffic, a plumbing emergency, a bad break-up, a job loss, and a lot of smaller stressors, like a random unpleasant comment on social media or someone not texting us back, can consume a lot of our energy and make us temporarily forget how incredible it is to just be alive, period.

Lately, I am finding happiness again in reminding people what a miracle this life is, what a miracle they are, and what dazzlingly miraculous and joyful journeys our lives can truly be when we believe in ourselves and believe that anything is possible.

Angel in heaven

LEAP: Manifesting the Miraculous Workshops

Since 2016 is a Leap Year, which of course happens only once every four years, I decided to design a meditation session and goal-setting workshop which would focus on the theme of manifesting miracles. I figured, what better time to leap and take action on a dormant dream, maybe something you’ve been procrastinating on for a while but still secretly desire, than during a Leap Year?

I have dreams that I am resurrecting too, from finally finishing and publishing my first book (a journey that began here on 8womendream six years ago!), to continuing to build out my life coaching business, to doing more inspirational public speaking, both in the U.S. and internationally. I have been making steady progress on these dreams for years, but it feels like this is really my year to have a breakthrough.

Of course, no dream is realized without the dreamer taking action, so I’m committed to taking some daily action on my dreams. It may be something small, but it’s good to remind ourselves sometimes that a journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.

Hosting a live workshop again was one such step, since it’s a way of building my life coaching business and practicing my public speaking. I plan to host more sessions like this in 2016, and will also be video-recording them to share on the Internet as both video podcasts and downloadable mp3s.

Most importantly, it was a great reminder that I love doing this work live, and that it’s one of my biggest natural gifts. I really think I am a born workshop leader, because I thrive on sharing inspirations and doing dream visioning exercises with people.

And, I love leading guided meditations. It’s incredible how powerful the energy in the room can be after a group of people together journey inward into a realm of spirit, peace, calm, light and love in which they are reminded that love is eternal, grace is infinite and anything truly is possible.

It’s a magical exercise in remembering how incredible life is, and forgetting for a moment about all of our earthly troubles. The reality for most of you reading this probably is that you are wealthy enough to own a smart phone or computer, which makes you far wealthier than most of the world, and that you likely have food, clean water, shelter and clothing, which again puts you far ahead of much of the world’s population.

We often forget the simple blessings, like water, food, shelter, freedom of speech, and political freedoms. In many parts of the world, people still don’t have true freedom, or live in war zones, or live in conditions of famine or drought. Those of us who have food on the table, clean water, a place to live, something to wear and people who love us are extraordinarily blessed.

angel have fun and you win at life

What Miracles Do You Want To Manifest in 2016?

Decide that NOW is the time you will get in action on whatever dormant dreams you’ve been putting off – for what? Until when?

We are the only ones who can create magic in our own lives, and it starts with committing to our dreams and then being in consistent action.

If you want to manifest miracles in 2016 too, here are some steps you can take, starting now:

  1. Write down whatever dreams you haven’t achieved yet that still tug at your heart. If it’s still calling to you it means there is still a way to make it real. We forget that possibilities really are infinite in this universe. If one romantic love doesn’t work out, you’ll find another in the 7.2 billion people on this planet. If one job isn’t right for you, there will be another one. Brainstorm and actually write down all the dreams that are calling to you right now.
  2. Commit to at least one dream that you will activate in 2016. If you’re feeling energetic and brave, maybe take on two. Don’t commit to a dozen dreams at once, however, or you’ll likely just end up feeling overwhelmed and take no action at all, instead of at least taking consistent action on one dream. If you have a long list of dreams, prioritize them by thinking about which one lights you up the most, and the one that you want to wake up one year from now, having accomplished it or having made great progress.
  3. Now, brainstorm a list of action steps that you can take to get moving on this dream! If you are looking for a new house, it could be as simple as “find a realtor” or “research homes in the area online.” One step at time gets you there, if you just keep taking one step at a time!
  4. Finally, prioritize this list of action steps, set target deadlines, and get them in your calendar, iPhone or day planner! Even more importantly, before you can talk yourself out of it, take at least ONE small action step – anything at all – towards that most important dream, right now.

And most importantly – never forget that you are a miracle! You are worthy of living your dreams, and worthy of great love, because you were born for this.

Remember what a miracle you are and go for it!

Note: Angel photos are by Tiago Matos