Quick Travel Tips For The Busy Speaker

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Quick Travel Tips For The Busy Motivational Speaker

….who checks a bag.  I’m not a miracle worker. I have yet to figure out how to get “all of this” into a carry on. So these are some travel tips for the speaker who must check a bag so she can bring her cowboy boots.

  • Make airline arrangements one month in advance to get the best price.
  • When you check in, go pick your seat, if your airline allows it.
  • Try to stick to the same airline and hotel and rental companies – to get more points and perks.
  • Keep your suitcase “condiments” packed. Have an entire set of duplicate toiletries always packed in your bag so you’re never packing and repacking. I keep one makeup kit sitting in that suitcase that I use every day at home or travel.  When I get home from a trip and unpack my clothes, I check to see if any toiletries need refilling.
  • Don’t change your outfit choice the day before your trip. I’m a fan of wearing different things – but the day you pack is too late. Choose the outfit where you know automatically what goes with it – jewelry, socks, shoes, etc. Pick changing it up to a different day.
  • Make all your outfits use the same jewelry, shoes, belts, etc.  Jewelry can be heavy. Especially the cheap kind like I wear.
  • Print your flight and travel information and put it in your bag. Technology sometimes fails.
  • Pack some snacks. Airport food is expensive and not always healthy. And did I say expensive?
  • Bring an empty bottle (can’t bring liquids through TSA) and refill with water. Healthier than sodas. And cheaper.
  • Check connection times. Give yourself enough time to connect to your next flight without having to run.
  • Ask your hotel if you can get a microwave and fridge in the room, and go buy groceries. Cheaper than room service and eating out all the time.
  • Bring single dollars and/or fives for tips.
  • Bring a plug splitter so you can plug several things in at once. Plugs are often hard to find in an airport or a hotel room.
  • Dress as if they are going to lose your luggage. Then at least you have one nice outfit.
  • Put a comfortable pair of shoes in your purse or carry on bag. Flip flops can be a life saver.
  • Keep a set of important toiletries in that carry on purse or bag – medications, contact solution, glasses, etc. In case your luggage is lost.
  • Carry the client’s information with you so you don’t have to dig for it when you tell them you have arrived, or need help.
  • Get apps to help you find local restaurants (I like grub hub) that deliver to your hotel.
  • Get a GPS app to help you find places around you.
  • Check out Uber -it’s a new type of cab company that people are raving about. It’s an app and it’s supposed to be safe.
  • Plan to arrive the day before an event if you can.  Never take the last flight out. Too risky.
  • Bring work with you. Layovers and delays and flights are great places to get work done.
  • When I leave, I forward phones so I don’t miss business calls.
  • When you have an upcoming trip, keep a pad of paper by your computer where you start to write down things you want to remember to pack. It’s a life saver when it comes to packing day.
  • Have a routine you follow. I like to keep the day before I travel with little commitments, so I can work through my list of pre-trip events.