Taking Bigger Steps to Pursue Your Dream

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Heather’s dream is to share with the world her success at becoming healthy after age 40. Heather lost over 88 pounds through changing her diet and incorporating exercise into her busy life. She would like to take what she has learned about becoming fit after 40, and using her Metabolic Training Certification to help others struggling with weight issues mid-life. Heather’s post day is Monday.
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Everybody has their own Mount Everest to climb - Pursue your dreams

There are lot of way to take steps to pursue your dream. Baby steps, backward steps, or big hairy audacious steps. Have you ever looked back and realized you didn’t take bigger steps to your dream?

I haven’t traveling for business in several years. The last time I traveled on someone else’s dime was way back in 2000. Ironically it was to the same sunny state of Florida.

At that time, I had completely different dreams and goals in my life. Looking back, those ideas seem so small.

Taking a break to get focused.

I had no intention of using this time as a break from my dream. The pull of work and deadlines, on top of the learning I was in attendance to absorb, made the time perfect for tying into my dream goals.

I work in internet marketing, and part of my dream goals include the application of internet marketing. The application or ideas behind what I want to deliver may be different, but the concepts are the same.

Find a market and find a way to deliver something awesome to it.

That’s what 8 Women Dream is meant to propel for me. Build my own blog, build my own audience, build my own way of offering information to the market.

It’s been 3 years since I started to focus on the topic of fitness here on 8 Women Dream. And my own fitness information blog is barely started.

Does this happen to you?

Do you ever back-burner your own goals and dreams to help someone else get their dream-come-true?

This weekend I had a great opportunity to meet some of the top names in internet marketing. The intention was to truly pick up some amazing content ideas. Make connections with amazing joint venture partners and relationships I can build on.

Every moment during the presentations I was taking notes on the topics and the impact they could have on my job’s products. Some of the information was eye opening.

Those are the moments where you are so taken aback by an idea that you forget to take notes. Information shock stops your fingers from typing because you are still processing the details.

It wasn’t until later in the evening that the ideas started to expand. What if I applied that concept to my own product? How would that look? What would it be?

Step back from the details can give the dream a new life.

8 Women Dream is headed into our 8th year. Our fearless editor Catherine had this idea to bring women together and share our dreams in this format. Blogs weren’t new, but they had grown up by then and she and I were recommending all our clients take advantage of the platform.

Like any marketing effort, blogging takes time and energy. There have been times when writing for 8 Women Dream has been the extent of my energy for blogging for the week. That keeps me disciplined to write, but when has anyone’s dreams come true doing the bare minimum of work?

After the 2 day event, I was catching up on the work backlog and having a long-distance brain dump with my husband.  I described the concepts of what the team had shared. The classic marketing strategies behind new tactics.

He beat me to the punch when he asked “Could we use this in the photography business?” Of course!

In his business, on the Fitness Challenge Online blog. Tons of ideas.

Then came the inevitable question of time. We don’t have time to get it done now, so how could we add these big ideas into the mix.

I’ve talked about time a lot. Time to workout, time to prepare healthy meals, time to recover from your workout.

The light bulb went off. I’ve got the time. Not the commitment.

There’s the missing piece for taking big steps to pursue my dream goals.

Of course I want to help build my husbands business. Make online products that drive passive income. Share great ideas in newsletters.

But first…

First, the site needs to updating.

First I need to build a newsletter layout.

First the content needs a refresher.

Getting lost in the order of things can completely derail the process. At least it is for me. So I need to let some of that go.

The site will always be a work in progress. Content will always need updating. And I have the tools in place to develop a newsletter.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It does have to get the word out.

Are you committed to taking big steps to pursue your dream?

I get up at the same time everyday. Early, even though I have no commute. It’s amazing how fast we fill our time up with little tasks that don’t serve the dream. Don’t serve the goal.

Take a look at the last week. Can you name 10 things you did to pursue your dream this week. How about 5… or 3?

I’ve got one. One thing I did that helped keep my husband’s and my dream moving.

Next list the things you did that were distractions. Here’s my list this past week.

  • Got sucked into Facebook posts
  • Binge watched Netflix
  • Stayed late at work every day

Now that I beat myself up and had a little personal pity party I can pick what’s next.

Taking a step back from your dream gives you clarity.

I was completely caught up in how crazy work and life was. Letting the days blend together.

When this trip came up I was not thrilled for a couple reasons. Too much to do, getting from one coast to the other takes a ton of time in airplanes, being away from my awesome husband.

I needed the break. Although it was no where near a vacation, the shift from daily routine helped focus what was important. My last day in the office before traveling I had five big things to do. As the day went on, the priorities shifted. One thing needed to get done. The rest could wait.

Conscious choices every day. Not easy, which makes it worth it.

How big are your dream steps today?

Heather Montgomery
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