Stop Cold Calling, It Doesn’t Work

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Stop working harder and start working smarter!

Today’s post will be brief. (Pause for you to gasp).  It’s brief, but on purpose. Because I need to share with you the biggest secret to getting booked as a motivational speaker in this economy.

Stop cold calling. It doesn’t work. 

Draw your buyers to you by creating a community of people who know your work and love it.  Draw them to you by feeding the internet with your words and your message.  Create communities on social media of people who want what you have to offer. Get people talking. SHOW them what you have to say.  The selling can come later.

Word of mouth is the biggest driving factor in this business. So blow them away when you speak and your fans will run off and spread the word.

Stop picking up the phone and launching into a sales pitch. Nobody cares. No matter how important your message is.

This economy has shifted from a push economy to a pull economy. This means that pushing ourselves on people will no longer work. Stop knocking on doors to sell them your encyclopedias. Start pulling them to you with compelling content wrapped in engaging conversation.

When you pull people to you, you have all the power. You don’t have talk them into buying you. You don’t have to sell yourself. It’s already been proven.