Avoid Adapting to Your Workout Routines

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Monday you run, Tuesday you run, Wednesday you run. See a pattern? If you want to avoid adapting to your workout routines mixing it up is the way to do it.

Adapting happens when you repeat motions over and over.

There are a couple reasons why changing up your workout routine throughout the week will help. Repetition of any exercise can have negative effects over time, especially if you are focusing only on one muscle group.

The same workout, even on different days, lets your body adapt to the stresses. You might have noticed that effect with your own workouts. You might start a new jogging workout routine and the first time out only be able to run for a few minutes before slowing to a walk.

As you improve your muscle endurance and cardio improves and you can run longer. The workouts get easier, but the downside is that burn fewer calories.

Mixing up your workout routine allows muscles to recover and in the long term improves muscle strength. Every time you have an effective workout your muscles repair and grow larger. Most of this happens within 24 hours of your workout.

If you are working out once a day, this means mixing it up everyday. If you are working out twice a day, vary your upper body and lower body workouts.

Variety is the spice of life… and your workout routines are no exception!

Adapting to your workouts initially is a good thing while you build muscle. To make progress in your fitness goals, your workouts can’t get too easy. Sorry, it’s the truth.

An easy way to avoid this is to vary your workout routines. Your muscles get a break and you avoid a plateau in your progress.

How do you mix up your workout routine?

1. Make every workout a different intensity

You can walk one day, jog the next, and do sprint intervals the next day. This really helps you kick up the calorie burn. Keeping low and slow every single time won’t get you there, but a few times a week take it up a notch. This gives you time to rest and recover between your workouts.

2. Pick a couple of your favorite workouts

I like to run, bike and swim. I don’t usually do those all in one day, but I do mix it up during the week. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are a run or cycle days, Tuesday and Thursday I get in a swim. Even with the repeat exercises, I’ll mix up the intensity.

3. Make it fun!

Your workout routines should never be all work and no play! Enjoy most of the workouts you do or you might be headed to burnout. A couple times a week trade in your gym session to get outside! Try a new group fitness class, Rollerblade at the park, grab a friend and try a new trail through the park.

Keeping it fun means it won’t feel like exercise, and when you do head to your next workout, you will have a refreshing outlook on the workout.

How are you mixing up your workout routine?

You’ve heard how I mix it up, so it’s your turn. Add to the comments so we can all get ideas to keep our workouts fun.

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