How Speakers Can Create New Products

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Motivational Speakers Need Products

Okay, so you don’t HAVE to have products to be a motivational speaker. But products help give you credibility, marketing opportunities, and a way to make more money at each gig.

It doesn’t always have to be a book.

Every speaker at some point hears that he needs to have a book. And for many, this can be a terrifying process that never gets finished, and the speaker doesn’t have product because they can’t get that blasted book written. Not to mention finding someone to publish it. So they miss out on making more money because they could only see one path to product. Let go of that idea. There are many paths to product.

If you are a speaker, you have a lot to say, and a lot to teach. If you don’t, then you have bigger problems than creating product.  The stage is ONLY ONE WAY to share with the world what you have to say.  Your message can be repurposed in at least 47 ways that I have thought of.

What is repurposing content?

It’s taking your message and packaging it in a different way. Instead of a book, it becomes a CD. Instead of a CD it becomes an ebook. Instead of an ebook, it becomes a weekly video program.  You don’t have to write new material for a new medium.  You just repurpose it.  The same people aren’t buying all the mediums. So you’ll be okay. And some of you have more content than you could ever use anyway without duplicating.

Today’s Example: The Flash Drive

I got a call from Jeff Levinson, who is in the marketing department of  He was such a nice and personable guy, that I took the time to listen to what his company has to offer, and it wasn’t long before an idea sprouted. Another way to repurpose content. The Flash Drive.

To most of us, flash drives are nothing new. They are simply another gadget in the world of promotional materials. But what if you didn’t use them that way? What if you took the contents of a workbook and put them on the flash drive and sold that instead of the workbook? You could even add some bells and whistles that you think would impress the customer.  And how much easier and cheaper to ship than a box of books!  And you can have them customized with your name, your company, your tagline – whatever you want! And the flash drives come in all sorts of cool designs. You can even customize one to match your brand and logo!  And you can add music, and video if you want – making this medium more diverse than say a workbook or an audio CD.

The really beautiful thing is the cost per flash drive is really low, which means your profit is higher. And you can sell these things for any price you want to put on them, based on the market’s perceived value of this information.

You probably already have documents you’ve written saved on your computer. Or blog posts you’ve been writing for years that could be gathered into one source. Or maybe some of your favorite stories. The ideas are really endless.

Thank you, Jeff, for showing me another way to repurpose my content. Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing my new idea real soon!


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