How 3 Top Photographers Changed My Photography

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How 3 Photographers Changed My Thinking

In my journey to becoming a renowned photographer, there are 3 famous photographers who have challenged me to change my thinking about photography— all for their own very different reasons.

An expert when it comes to shooting incredible scenery, especially in black and white, and capturing patterns and movement.

1. Ansel Adams

He was often criticized for not having people in his photos, rarely were there even buildings or animals as a primary focus.

Why I identify with Ansel

When I look at his photos, I connect with his perspective.  I believe that I see what he intended to capture, and I have a very similar approach when I photograph nature. His gift was capturing energy and pattern movement — for instance, looking at photos of a snow scene; you can almost feel how cold it is.

That to me is an incredible skill and one I want to perfect.

My photos where I think capture energy and pattern…

How 3 Photographers Changed My Thinking: Ansel Adams inspired

2. Joe McNally

He was the photographer who led the photo workshop I attended in Tuscany. I knew nothing about him other than he was famous and had stuff printed in Life, Sports Illustrated, and National Geographic.

If you go to his website I know you will recognize a lot of what he’s done.

Why I identify with Joe

Even now after all he’s done, he’s still teaching it, learning himself, and finds great joy when students “get it”. . . if that makes sense.

His most recent book called The Moment it Clicks talks about what I feel grounded in — the passion of photography, and the art of making a great photograph in the field, not in the lab.

Joe is an expert at capturing the emotion of people in their special moments.

How do my photos below make you feel?

How 3 Photographers Changed My Thinking: Joe McNally inspired

How 3 Photographers Changed My Thinking: Joe McNally inspired tooThis image was the Sonoma County winner for the Joe McNally World-wide photowalk

Jerry Courvoisier –

His website describes him perfectly:

“He is a patient instructor! He helped me connect to the technology more easily,  and that helped break through any creative boundaries I may have had. He says he likes to explore people’s passions for photography and how they envision what they want to produce.”

A lot of examples Jerry showed us in Italy showcased abstract patterns, lines and colors.

Why I identify with Jerry

well, what I need to learn most about what Jerry knows:

His knowledge represents the growth I have to accomplish about photography.

All of the photos I’ve taken in the past have been about the art and passion, not because I know how to adjust my camera settings or Photoshop images successfully.  Jerry’s an expert at patterns and colors.

These are two of my photographs inspired by Jerry —

How 3 Photographers Changed My Thinking: Jerry CourvoisierHow 3 Photographers Changed My Thinking: Jerry Courvoisier too

I hope, one day, to inspire someone to be the best they can be for themselves, in any passion or profession they choose by challenging them to change their thinking just how these 3 top photographers changed my thinking about taking photographs.

Until next photo,


Remy’s dream is creating opportunities for photography showings and public displays of her work.

  • Beautiful pictures Remy! I can tell you are well on your way! And such a great reminder to draw inspiration from others, and to give them credit as well for being our teachers/mentors… I have learned from so many peoplel along the way.

    Great to finally meet you to at the X-Mas party!

  • Kim, the traveler

    Love your photos! Especially the boy in the rain. That’s a great way to learn, study other people.

  • Great photos. You certainly have a natural talent.

    • Remy G

      Thanks Bob! I appreciate your comments very much.

  • Rachel

    The boy in the rain is amazing. I also really like nature photos. The lily pads are beautiful & so peaceful looking.

    • Remy G

      Thanks Rachel! R

  • Dana Gervais

    These are wonderful Rem. It’s wonderful how those clouds in the first photo have such energy behind them it made me feel dark and forboding – wanting to stick around and wait to see what happens next. Will there be a storm? Will it be windy? Or will it just pass by with no conclusion? You inspire me every day…=)

  • Martin

    These are nice photos…. I like how they capture life.

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    I love these – especially the water drops one – I was thinking of you and that award winning photo when I saw number 15 on this page:

    • Remy G

      Cath, thank you! On the NG Winners page, I love that one of the hippos, and the redwoods one too. Something about that kind of Point of View that fascinates me! Should I bring my camera tonight?? :) R