How Giving Our Dreams Our Best – or Not – Is OK

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Are you giving your dream your best?

My dream is to become an accomplished equestrian.  My other dream is to see the long-lasting continuation of the LaCanada Rose Parade float.

As I reflected on last week’s post, I realized that I have truly not been giving my equestrian dream my best.  So, I took a step – Yes!  An actual, concrete step towards making my dream happen.

I called a new trainer.  I told her my whole story.  All about Tori.  All about the horse accident that resulted in knee surgery.  All about the accident with Nikki that left this lovely scar on my hand.  But I also told her that I know I have an accomplished equestrian hidden within me.

I just need some help finding that person.

She said she can help.  She has some very nice school horses for me to ride.  She thinks Gwen, who is retired from an eventing career, will be just the horse to start giving me my confidence back.

We scheduled a lesson.  I arranged for Grandma to watch my 4 year old.

And then, it rained.

Sigh . . . no lesson.Lake Tahoe Thanksgiving week 2009

But that’s OK  We’ll reschedule as soon as I get back from vacation.

(I’m writing to you from Lake Tahoe)

To ensure the longevity of the LaCanada float, I also need to make sure I’m giving them my best.

So I stopped for a few minutes this week and took a step back.

I stopped returning e-mails to all the various groups who have contacted me to volunteer –

  • Girl Scouts of all ages
  • High school service groups
  • The Asian American Yale Alumni Association (they sound smart, don’t they?)
  • A group of home school-ers from Conejo Valley (where the heck is that?)
  • The San Fernando Valley Key Club
  • A couple from Michigan who spend most of the year traveling about the country in their RV
  • A family from somewhere who’s bringing Mom out for her 75th birthday to experience her lifelong dream of working on a float and seeing the parade in person (I’ve made a note to organize the entire shift to sing Happy Birthday to her).

I stopped figuring gallons of glue and paint and stopped worrying about whether or not I have enough cranberry fiber – 70 mesh.

I stopped debating with our artist whether “column mix”, “rock mix”, or “bridge mix” is best for the bricks on the sides of the float.  No, unfortunately, we don’t yet have something called “brick mix”.

I stopped writing the deco part of the media kit that will be sent to all of the TV stations and I stopped thinking about what should be on the volunteer decorator badges this year.

And, I stopped worrying about floral arrangements – all 64 of them.

I  simply stood back, considered the float as a whole and asked myself, am I planning the best float that I can?  I don’t have the answer yet.


I’ve also wondered – do we have to be the best we can all the time?  Is it OK if sometimes we don’t feel like giving our best?

I think so.

For example, when I spent the first morning of our vacation cleaning up from a pee-pee accident.  I didn’t feel like being the best Mommy I could be.  And that’s OK.

As I start riding again, it’s OK if I feel like an easy 20 minute ride once in awhile.

What’s important is that we always go back to giving our dreams our best.  Because our dreams, and ourselves, deserve nothing less.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

We all have a lot to be grateful for.

‘Til  next week, when hopefully, I’ll report to you on my first lesson.

Think sun!


(Danelle left 8 Women Dream in March of 2010 and is still working  on her dream is to become an accomplished equestrian)

  • Kim, the traveler

    Lucky! I love the snow. It’s so beautiful. Enjoy it!

  • Remy G

    Its now the day after thanksgiving and I hope you are relaxing and enjoying your beautiful winter wonderland holiday. Your post is a huge reminder to me to step back from time to time and really enjoy what I’ve accomplished…cause sometimes, it all feels like one big “thing” moving forward….Thank you!!! Rem

  • Heather, the e-commerce builder

    Oh my god – with all on your plate I’m amazed you can keep up. I’ll tell you what a therapist told me once – “be gentle with yourself”. Thanks for being here sharing something I can totally relate to – no being able to maintain 100% all the time.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Totally agree with Rachel here – loved this quote from your post Danelle: “What’s important is that we always go back to giving our dreams our best. Because our dreams, and ourselves, deserve nothing less.”

    AMEN girl! Glad to hear you scheduled the lesson and loved reading about that and your reflections on the float and that process as well. You have a LOT on your plate and no we cannot be “at our best” in every moment of life. You are right – we just need to return to that when we fall away from it sometimes – because yes – we, our lives, our dreams, and life itself – deserve nothing less.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Grateful to know you Danelle and to be part of the 8womendream team!


  • Rachel

    Danelle, wow, it sounds like you have come up with a really great plan. Finding the right person to help, and making the commitment to working with them, is such a big positive step.

    And thanks for writing this. We can’t give our best to everything all at once. That’s what priorities are for. And we can’t always keep it up all the time. That’s what vacations are for. But yes, it’s important to go back to it when we can.

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Great post, and you sound good. We’ve missed you on the blog. I hope you have a great time in Tahoe and lovely Thanksgiving.

    Sometimes I think we just have to do things whether we are “in the mood” or not – such as exercise – and it may not be our best, but we got it done.

    Sometimes my posts are like that ;-)