Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

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Only someone comfortable in their own skin can have the courage to get up on a stage and make a fool of themselves.

How comfortable are you with you?

You may be asking what today’s topic has to do with motivational speaking.


If you can’t be comfortable with who you are, then it will affect your confidence and your ability to sell and get up on stage and impact and influence others.

I’m a motivational speaker who struggles with low self-esteem

Yes. It’s true. I have this weird obsession when I walk into a room of women. I call it the “how do I rank” obsession. Who’s prettier? Who’s smarter? Who has a bigger butt? Will they like me? Will I ask a dumb question? What if I don’t fit?And then I walk up on stage and admit it. I share with the audience and the world every doggone vulnerability I have at the moment, and let them help me get over it – right there. You think you’re my audience. You’re really my therapist. You are helping me heal and learn to love myself for who I am right now – instead of waiting to love myself for who I hope I will become.

I never understood why this was so powerful for YOU – again, you’re just my therapist – until the tables were turned and I found myself in front of one of my heroes – a giant in my dream – who represented who I wanted to become – or at least my own version of it, because I am so “over” thinking I have to become someone else.

Sitting at the feet of my hero

But there I am sitting at the feet of someone I deem amazing and that the world has put up on a pedestal and crowned her queen of my dreams. And there she is just as broken, maybe even a little more than I am. There is she is laughing about her muffin top, stumbling over her words, and swimming in the pool of insecurity just like me. But loving herself. Not ashamed for who she is. Deliciously vulnerable and admittedly cracked, and yet standing in her FULL POWER even in the middle of her brokenness.

And I felt…….free.

I felt released from the burden to be more this or less that. I stopped looking around to see how I measured and where I fit. I stopped wanting to be noticed – stopped being afraid to speak up. Not at all anxious about the pounds I may want to lose. Not at all bitter about the paths I didn’t take or the gifts I didn’t receive. Just filled with love. For me. For her. And for the woman to my left, and the one to my right.

I was overcome with an incredible sense of peace that the Father loves me – that He delights in me – just the way I am. Even when I am not the way I think I should be.

The power was overwhelming. Is overwhelming. The power of knowing I. AM. SOMEBODY.

And NOW I get it.

I get what I bring to people.

I get what I do for them.

I get what is happening to them as they sit at the feet of my brokenness.

I get it.

And it is beautiful.

What an awesome gift.

Thank you, God, for giving me a front row seat.

Never underestimate the power of revealing your brokenness, for it’s not in your perfection where we make a difference, but in our imperfection. Thank goodness. Because I have PLENTY of that.

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