Pinups Paying It Forward

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Iman is a photographer who, through her unique process of coaching and photography, can show a woman what other people see when they look at her. She is passionate about teaching other photographers how to live and be a professional and making change in the world. She dreams of changing the way women look at their bodies and how the world defines beauty. She also thinks being an instructor on CreativeLIVE would be incredible. Iman battles Lyme disease and shares her unique view of dreaming while fighting for her health. Her post day is Wednesday. Iman Woods If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.
Pinups paying it forward by to run an entirely volunteer powered charity.

Pinups paying it forward, an entirely volunteer powered charity.

Pinups paying it forward. My journey to help women find their beauty has put me on a blessed path to meet women who are beautiful inside and out.

Many of these women use their inner beauty to create change in the world. 

Today I’d like to celebrate an amazing group of them who are using pinup art to reach out and raise awareness for people that often go overlooked.

Pinups for Charity is a non-profit run by volunteers in the pinup modeling world. These ladies are special. They made a non-profit their day job (on top of demanding careers and motherhood) and it was nothing short of a labor of love. Many days the work was thankless, but they took their mission seriously and made their charity recipients feel loved. They helped not only financially but worked to raise awareness about the issues faced. All with warmth, love and a pinup perfect smile.

Pinups paying it forward!

Pinups for Charity paying it forward! Photography by the talented Daemon Donigan.

In an interview with Feisty Cupcake I wanted to learn more about their mission and reach.

Iman: Tell me more about your first year. From choosing to help Gavyn to publishing the calendar, it was exciting to see your reach growing so fast.

FC: We had a great 1st official year as a non-profit! We chose Gavyn as our first recipient. Gavyn was involved in a car accident that caused him to be paralyzed from the neck down and we really wanted to help however we could. We had two bake sales, a car wash, and a successful calendar release party that included a silent auction. We raised $7600.

Iman: That’s pretty amazing for your first year! Who have you chosen for this year? What do you have planned?

FC: In 2015 we plan to help another special little boy named Lucas. He has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We want to help him get a specially trained dog to help him stay safe.  

Pinups for Charity's 2015 non-profit recipient

Pinups for Charity’s 2015 non-profit recipient, Lucas. Photo by his talented mom, Angela Livingston.

We are already planning to have not only a calendar this year, but also a cookbook!  The cookbook will feature models from all over the country that have been so amazing to help us spread the word about what we are trying to do.     

Iman: An incredible cause. Autism is so misunderstood. I adore that photo and that sweet smile! A service dog would bring such peace of mind to his parents and I’m sure the companionship will help him thrive. It’s warmed my heart to watch you all work so hard. I’ve got high hopes for this year too.

If you’d like to learn more about Gavyn see the Friends For Gavyn blog. If you’d like to learn more about Lucas, visit his mom’s website. She’s an exceptional photographer and writer. And to more of photographer Daemon Donigan’s (he donated the photography for the calendar) work visit his website.

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