Thanksgiving Dream: Laugh and Be Grateful

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atitudes of gratitude bookThanksgiving is upon us and I want to remind all the dreamers in the world to take a moment on Thanksgiving to laugh, enjoy your family and friends, and be grateful for all you have. It is said that when we are grateful for what we have, it opens up the opportunity for greater abundance. Being grateful helps us to stay on track with your dreams, move forward with our goals and pay attention to the many blessings in our lives that we may be taking for granted.

Be grateful for your dream come true – visualize your dream and then give thanks for having it in your life – then release it and believe it will come true.

And finally remember to laugh and enjoy this time. Here’s a funny story from my Thanksgiving last year –

My youngest daughter wrote a beautiful, thought-out story at school about all the things she was thankful for and wanted to read it at Thanksgiving. There were a couple of meaningful parts in the story that were meant for her Grandfather, and her Great-Grandmother to hear, who lost their spouses in the previous years.

So before dinner, she read her moving story. The room was quiet and she read it well. Everyone clapped. I looked over at her Grandfather and Great-Grandmother, expecting them to look proud or sad or happy. Instead, they were conversing together with puzzled looks on their faces.

Ends up, they didn’t have their hearing aids turned up and couldn’t hear a darn thing! I didn’t have the heart to make my daughter read it over again, the moment was gone.

If you are having trouble feeling grateful, I’ve included this video in the hope that it helps you –

How will you spend your Thanksgiving Week? What are you grateful for? What can you laugh about?

In gratitude,


Kim accomplished her first big dream by traveling to New York with her teenage daughter June of 2009. She lost 20 pounds and overcame her intense dislike (do we say fear?) of flying to accomplish that dream. She rotated off the blog in February 2010, but still hangs out with 8 Women Dream.

  • One Thanksgiving my dad accidentally spilled the coffee all over the turkey… Mmmm mocha turkey! ;)

    My boss years ago told a story about how she thought she was coating her turkey in paprika and accidentally used cayenne pepper (both red!) – whooops! Holy hot turkey! ;)

    Thanks for the reminder to keep a sense of humor during the holiday week which can be stressful for many people for sure… Lots to cook, lots to do and sometimes trying relatives… Luckily I adore my family and they make me laugh and my mom is handling the hard stuff with the cooking this year – tho’ I’ll help with the clean-up :-)

    Happy Turkey day all!!!


  • Veronica

    The best part of Thanksgiving when I was in my teens was, my boyfriend and I had to run around to my parents house, then his parents house, then friends houses, we ate so many thanksgiving dinners and enjoyed so many different families, I really miss that.
    Eat eat eat…..
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Here’s a story that my mom delighted in telling… over and over again!
    I was 16 the first time my mom let me help prepare the turkey. It was early Thanksgiving morning, and “The Bird” as she always called it, was sitting unwrapped on the kitchen counter. She’s sauteing vegetables at the stove, and asks me to pull out the gizzards from the cavity of the bird. I reach in the neck cavity. “Nothing in there.” “Try the other end” she says. So I reach in there expecting to pull out a bag with the heart, kidneys and liver. Nobody ever told me that they stick the neck of the bird in there, too. So I feel something loose, and begin to pull it out. After 5 or 6 inches, I start to cringe and say what *IS* it??? She just starts laughing, and as I pull the rest of the THING out, I screamed and threw it on the floor! My Dad was in the room, too, and boy did they get a good laugh out of that. So mothers, warn your kids about the neck of the bird.

  • Rachel

    “6. No one will overeat.”

    Ha! Burning the turkey won’t help with that — ’cause it’s not the turkey we eat too much of. It’s the mashed potatoes… and the desserts!

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    I have those kinds of Turkeys at my house – except they are called teenage boys! Happy Thanksgiving Kim!

  • Remy G

    My best memories of Thanksgiving growing up were with my grandparents. My mom had 3 brothers and a sister, there were always close to 25-30 people each year. Big kids table and little kids table. Standing around in the kitchen for what seemed like HOURS until 15 minutes before we were going to eat, then it seemed as all hell broke loose. And with all that time, the big joke was, the rolls were always burned. Always. But we didn’t care, it actually tasted quite good. Then after dinner, the kids would run around out side, and the adults would just lie around and moan. We’d wait the obligatory 30 minutes for pie, and then we’d head home smiling and tired, ready for bed, and then, the 10pm turkey and mayo sandwich on thin white bread. YUM. Thanks for the reminder…what a great week. My favorite holiday for sure.