How To Keep Smiling When Things Don’t Go Your Way

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We’ve all been there. We keep trying and trying to make something work, and it just doesn’t seem to be happening. Is there a stopping point? How long do you keep trying? Until you get there?

Sometimes it feels like you’ll never get there. How do you keep going? Where does the inspiration come? How do you not just crawl into a hole and never come out because you’re not getting the results you want?

Yeah, yeah, think of all the wonderful things that you have in your life and be grateful. You do that to a point, but sometimes you just want more and want it now.

My Light Switch Project

When I start feeling this way, I look at my kids and think how resilient they are about life’s ups and downs. Ahh, to be a kid again. They just enjoy the moment.

I also realize that I need to break away from myself and focus on something else. For me, I am going to volunteer again. Not only will it help other people, it will help me get out of my little slump. And who knows, it could lead to something career wise.

I’ll still be looking for Graphic Design projects.

I’ll still be walking 3-4 days a week and trying to eat well.

I’ll still be thinking about our trip to Japan.

But I will feel better about where my progress is going if I’m not dwelling on it all day, and just take a break.

We have to keep smiling.

Till next week,


Kim, the graphic designer(Kim has already accomplished her first big dream by traveling to New York with her teenage daughter June of 2009. She lost 20 pounds and overcame her intense dislike (do we say fear?) of flying to accomplish that dream. She rotated off the blog in February 2010, but still hangs out with 8 Women Dream.  You can find her in the comments section)

  • Hey Kim – Really proud of you that you are keeping in motion on your dreams – one step at a time! – and also taking on volunteering in order to make a difference for others. It’s so true that it can be a great way to get “unstuck” – It can help put life back in perspective by really reminding us how fortunate we are, and also be a nice distraction from whatever is bothering us too.

    Keep at it – You’re doing great – Hope the volunteering is rewarding and fun, and helps you to feel inspired again. :-)


  • Catherine, Site Admin

    When I start down the funk road I remind myself that those I love are alive, healthy and thriving. Tomorrow is no guarantee and I have been on the other side where someone you love is not well, or someone you love is not here anymore. Sometimes situations in life are what they are. But they are never permanent.

    I agree with Veronica – you have made progress.

    Also, these are the years our kids push us away to be independent and we must find ourselves again. They come back to us at some point in college. In the meantime we get to reconnect with all those things we loved to do before they were born.

    What were those things for you?

  • Remy G

    What I had to embrace long ago was that slumps were a part of the process for me. I also had to let go of the idea that if I was happy and doing what I loved that every day would be like sunshine and lollipops – sometimes the universe has to catch up to you, and what we think of as a lull is just the world’s way of getting you to look at what’s in the gap. You are filling it with things you enjoy and as Veronica says, you are still making progress and taking time for yourself. How is that for ‘spin’! But I believe its true…not good or bad, just is what it is….and I hope you find your motivation soon…kids are a great place to start, thanks for the reminder!

  • Veronica

    Good morning beautiful Kim,
    I so enjoy your posts, good, bad and the ugly. I get that you are such a good mom and that you have goals but your not happy with your progress right now.
    Well I bed to disagree with you. You are making progress, you are doing everything that you need to be doing on a daily basis. You are so hard on yourself.
    And you are so helping me, you let me know its ok to be right where I am, that I am not alone in this moment.
    smiles and blessings

  • Wendy

    Volunteering sounds like just what the doctor ordered. My stepson was telling me he has a friend that desinged several webpage templates that look prefessional. I believe he used a program then designed colors and fonts himself. He currently sells the right to use his designs for a twenty dollar fee and sells thousands. It made me think of you.