How To Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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How To Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Motivational speaker talks about jumping out of your comfort zone


I have been a personal trainer for four years and have yelled and screamed and pushed people to their limits time after time and yet I can’t seem to push myself past the fear I feel when I think about writing. Any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! :)

I hear this from people all the time.

Sure, the dreams are different, but the comfort zone looks the same. And I know exactly how they all feel.   I too have wondered why I don’t stop talking about it and do it already.

As a motivational speaker, I’ve built a career outside my comfort zone. And the good news is that it does get easier. So to help all of you who feel trapped inside a comfort zone, instead of asking why is it so hard, let’s ask a different question:

What are you afraid of?

I think when it comes down it, most of us face the same three fears when it comes to taking a leap of faith into our dream.

1. We’re afraid we’ll fail.

2. We’re afraid we’ll look stupid.

3. We’re afraid we won’t make it.

And what do I have to say to that?

You’re right.

You heard me.

You’re right.

You might fail. But you’ll never know until you try. And you might not fail. Or you might fail once and then not fail the next time.

You might look stupid. But chances are good this won’t be the first time you looked stupid. The world won’t end if someone thinks your dream is stupid. There are plenty of successful people who were told their ideas were stupid.

You might not make it. But I have a pretty good idea that you don’t even know exactly what the dream looks like – so how will you know if you made it or not?  And here’s the really neat part – you might not make it where you think you want to go. But you may love where you end up anyway. I know, because I did.

So at the end of the day, the fear comes down to really one question:

Do you want it bad enough?

Because if you do, eventually, you will jump, because you have no other choice.

So here’s jumping with you kid!

Kelly Swanson
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