16 Ways to Feel Prettier Now: Public Speaking Advice

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16 Ways to Feel Prettier Now - Public Speaking tips by Kelly Swanson

Don’t judge me. I’m having a bad hair day.

Not Feeling Pretty Today? Ready To Turn That Around?

A woman’s worth has nothing to do with how pretty she is. Or how much she weighs. Or the body she lives in. We are not defined by what we own, where we live, or even who has accomplished the most.

We know that. But….

We see the women on the cover of the magazine. We look longingly at that woman with perfect hair and the knock-out body pushing the grocery cart. And we catch our reflection in the mirror, just in time to see that our bra strap is showing and our second chin is pregnant.

We know that our worth isn’t about looking pretty. But some of us still like to feel pretty. Or maybe it’s just me. Being a motivational speaker, I do spend time thinking about my appearance.

Plus, I love hair extensions, makeup, and bling. So it’s not something I do because I feel like I have to – it’s something I love. Like chocolate. And candles. And Lifetime movies starring Valerie Bertinelli.

As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes my mood is a reflection of how pretty I feel that day. Kind of like how underwear that is too small can send me into a rage.

Do you ever get into a “I don’t feel pretty” funk?

It’s not fun. And the truth is that we choose how we feel, which means feeling pretty is up to us. So I’ve created a list of things I do when I need to feel pretty again.

Your list might be different.

But here’s my list of 16 ways to feel prettier now:

1. Fix my hair and face.
Sometimes just a little color and a fresh ponytail can make me feel like a new woman.

2. Spray myself with something pretty.
Smells are powerful mood enhancers. Know what smells you like and have them handy.

3. Get a free makeover at the department store.
They always tell me I look pretty, even when I have sleep wrinkles and drool tracks running down my chin.

4. Buy a new lipstick.
It’s weird how just buying a new fresh color for that season will make me feel great.

5. Take a luxurious bubble bath.
Put on some peaceful music, and just soak.

6. Get a manicure and pedicure.
Then go get my favorite drink at Starbucks Coffee and admire my nails and toes while I drink it at a table outside.

7. Hang out with kids.
Kids don’t care what I look like.

8. Pull out my favorite outfit and wear it.
Even if I’m just going to the grocery store. Even if I will have to get it dry cleaned.

9. Watch a motivational movie where the main character overcomes an obstacle.
Stories  about being homeless, living in a wheelchair, having a husband who is stalking her put things in perspective and remind me that not feeling pretty is nothing compared to what these people are going through.

10. Call up a friend who makes me feel really great about myself and invite her to lunch.
(Preferably not the friend who looks like Barbie, but if she makes me feel great about myself, it really doesn’t matter.) Good friends are great at making you feel pretty.

11. Hang out at Walmart or the airport for a few hours.
Within a couple of hours I feel like a model as I realize that I am the new pretty. (And the new smart.)

12. Pull out pictures of me from a good day.
This is just to remind myself that this is really what I look like.

13. Call up a funny friend that I can vent with.
Tell her how ugly I feel, and that I’m pretty sure something is growing in between my toes.  Before I know it, we’re both laughing and I have forgotten that I look like I’ve been run over by a truck.

14. Make a list of all the things I love about me.
Not just physical things, but personality things, and talent things. Every last little thing. And I make sure it’s a long list. I then go hang it by my bathroom mirror.

15. Light a candle, curl up in some cozy pajamas.
Then call to mind a woman I really respect and admire – whether I knew her or not. I think about all the things that I admire about Oprah. What size she is, never makes it to the top ten. When I do this, I see that what I love about other women has nothing to do with pretty, and so even though I may not feel pretty today, doesn’t mean I am not loved.

16. Serve someone less fortunate than me.
Pretty goes out the window.

What about you? Is there something you like to do on those not-so-pretty days when you need to present as a motivational speaker or show up in public when you are not feeling your best?

Kelly Sawanson
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