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Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, author, and comedian who teaches you how to harness the power of your story to connect, engage, and get results. In this blog, Kelly focuses on the business of professional speaking. Kelly’s post day is Friday. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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Funny motivational speaker Kelly Swanson is featured in this month's issue of Plus Model Magazine   Hey friends! This month I’m featured in Plus Model Magazine! How cool is that? It’s in their health and wellness segment on positive thinking. I’m so excited. I guess this means I’m a Plus Model now? Hey, I’ll take it! :) And so many people to thank……I’d like to thank L’Oreal, and Hershey, and Spandex, and Sebastian, and Bacardi, and Bojangles………….Here’s the link if you want to read it. I’m soooooo excited. I’m on page 131.  I think this link takes you right to the page:   PS  I never saw this coming. I guess it proves that sometimes doors open where you least expect them. I sure love being a motivational speaker and living a plus-sized life.