Who Else Wants to Travel to Russia?

Who Else Wants to Travel to Russia? Moscow images by Natasha von Geldern

The Olympics offer the world an opportunity to travel from their living room.  This year the world was exposed to the subtropical region of Russia that resides along the Black Sea.

Many people believe the stereotype that Russia is this freezing cold place where you need to drink Vodka and wear fur to stay warm. While it is true that Russia only has two seasons: winter and summer, there are places in Russia where you will find it hard to believe that you aren’t vacationing in France.

Even Moscow has a summer that lasts from May to October.

The Olympics allowed Russia to reveal Sochi to the world–one of the warmest locations to ever to host the Winter Olympic Games.

I challenge your perceptions of Russia with the following photographs:

Beach in Sochi

Who Else Wants to Travel to Russia? Sochi beach by Igor Yakunin

The Maritime Port in Sochi

Who Else Wants to Travel to Russia? Maritime Port in Sochi by Ганощенко Роман

An Arbour along Sochi

Who Else Wants to Travel to Russia? An arbour along the Sochi beach

Russian Countryside on the Don River near Kalininsky

Who Else Wants to Travel to Russia? The Don River near village Kalininsky in Rostov Oblast

The coastal region of Svetlogorsk
Who Else Wants to Travel to Russia? Svetlogorsk Russia on the Baltic Sea by Сергей Наганов

Russian children enjoying swimming and summer camp

Who Else Wants to Travel to Russia? Summer camps in Russia by Chrzest Równikowy

St. Petersburg sunbathers

Who Else Wants to Travel to Russia? Saint Petersburg sunbathers by Natasha von Geldern

If you haven’t added “travel to Russia” on your bucket list because you thought it was too cold… you might want to reconsider. Russia has a haunting beauty and rich history like few places you will visit in your life time.

To your travel dreams,


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  • My world traveling mother has always loved Russia after visiting there while the cold war was still a reality. She thought it was so beautiful and just loved the Russian people.