Finding Happiness Through Magic

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Lisa is a freelance writer, consultant and life coach. She has her BA in English and Creative Writing from Princeton and her MPA from Harvard. Lisa recently finished the first draft of her book manuscript, Burning Down the House. Her dream is to publish this first book and teach the world how to discover their hidden joy. Her post day is Tuesday.
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I am a big believer in magic, and I think we can live and create our lives in a spirit of magic. Last week was a magical week for me, and I am grateful for finding happiness through all the incredible joy I was blessed to experience.

I believe in creating intentions for our lives, and then living in that spirit. I ask the Universe for magic, and the Universe delivers!

Have to Believe We Are Magic

I am a firm believer that the Universe reflects our core beliefs and frequent thoughts back to us. Someone who believes that this is a hostile world is much more likely to have negative experiences that reflect that back to them.

Someone who believes this is a benevolent Universe, full of love and opportunities, is more likely to experience just that. I have learned over time to believe in a Universe that is positively magical.

I think this belief has attracted more and more magic to me. My life has been full of synchronicity and inexplicable beauty.

Making Our Own Magic

I think that living in a way that feels magical requires suspending our need to have all the answers. So much of life is a mystery, and sometimes we really just need to appreciate, celebrate and live with wonder.

Last week, I got an incredible affirmation of love, and a wonderful reminder that life is indeed mysterious, inexplicable and beautiful.

I was catching up with a dear friend, who happens to be my spiritual teacher’s wife. We spent four hours talking about everything happening in our lives.

We talked about new work (mine), school (hers), relationships (both of us). And we talked about our spiritual mission on this planet, which is to love, and how we do our best to live with that at the forefront every day.

A Conversation with the Angels

My friend told me partway through the conversation that she felt like she was receiving  a message for me. We’d been talking about my beloved friend and guardian angel, Eric, who died when I was 22.

I often ask Eric for guidance in my life, when I’m not sure which way to go. I have always felt comforted knowing he’s still out there somewhere, as love and energy, somehow still making this world a better place.

She said Eric wanted me to know that I was in the right place at the right time, and that I was doing so well. I asked for forgiveness for some times in the past when I felt like I hadn’t given life the best of me, and she said that nothing I could do could ever disappoint him.

There were more messages about my love life, and about where to go from here. It was all very specific and it wast just fun to hear what was “coming through.”

I personally am a true believer that we can receive messages from people who have passed on from this earth. I’d experienced it many times before.

I feel like there is this realm beyond earth of profound, complete, pure peace and love, and sometimes our “angels” in that place want to bring us a little more comfort and joy here on earth.

It meant so much to receive “messages” via a very loving, awake and aware friend, and to feel like I am just where I need to be on the path.

magical path to the heavens

More and More Magic

The rest of my week just seemed to get more and more magical.

I spent time Friday night with friends at “Troy Night Out,” an arts night that takes place in galleries throughout downtown Troy.

A few of us headed to an Indian restaurant after meeting up in a friend’s art gallery. We caught up over spice tea and palak paneer.

Then we headed to downtown Troy’s “hot spot,” the Confectionery Wine Bar. I bumped into a number of friends there, including some I hadn’t seen in ages.

I would be telling one new friend about another amazing friend, and – poof! – the one I was chatting about would suddenly appear out of nowhere. It was that kind of night.

A group of us gathered next to the indoor waterfall feature in the back courtyard at the Confectionery, which features a retractable glass ceiling and bright string of lights that look like a starry night above us. It was a pretty magical place to be.

Phone numbers were collected again and future plans made. It was a fun, magical night.

And Then The  Most Magical of All…

The best day in my whole magical week was Saturday. I was meeting someone I’d been corresponding with online live for the first time.

I had butterflies. It all seemed very promising; our correspondence was so sweet and I loved learning about this man’s hopes and dreams.

It was raining, which I thought was beautiful, on this mild winter night. I was meeting him in Saratoga Springs, which is about 45 minutes north of Troy.

Right as I was parking my car, a favorite song from the 1980s came on the radio: Magic by Olivia Newton-John. Perfect, I thought. I’ll bring that spirit with me on the date.

I won’t share details here, because that’s too private, dear readers, but it was completely magical. It was definitely my best first date ever – one for the history books.

We Are Creating This

I truly believe that my date was so magical in part because I had set that intention, and because my date and I both bring that spirit to our lives. When you look for magic, you are much more likely to find it.

Everyday life is full of magic, and we simply need to look at it with new eyes.

I’m committing daily to finding the magic and the miracles, and journaling about it as well. This will be a magical year!

I hope the days are filled with magic for you too. Here’s to magic and miracles!