Finding Funny In The Ordinary Moments in Life

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Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, author, and comedian who teaches you how to harness the power of your story to connect, engage, and get results. In this blog, Kelly focuses on the business of professional speaking. Kelly’s post day is Friday. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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Finding Funny In The Ordinary Moments in Life - Cartoon by Kelly Swanson

Funny Is Everywhere You Look

It’s not really in the extraordinary moments where I find my humor – but actually in the most ordinary of moments. Kelly Swanson

Make Humor Part Of Your Dream

As a funny motivational speaker, humor is a BIG part of my dream. And I think humor should be a part of every person’s dream, no matter what that dream is. Humor allows you to deal with the challenges. It relieves stress, it increases productivity, it makes you more likeable, and helps you get your message across to your audience. Laughter makes you happy and healthy.

Humor is all around us if we just look for it.

Today I want to share with you just one of the funny little moments from my town of Prides Hollow.

Finding Funny In The Ordinary Moments in Life by Motivational Speaker Kelly SwansonThe Bet

Ned and Horace were sitting on their bench in front of the five and dime, just like every day.

Ned says, “Horace, I feel like bettin’.”

Horace says, “Ned, we can’t bet, we’re Baptists.”

“Then we won’t bet for money,” said Horace. “We’ll just bet for the sake of betting. Can you find it in your conscience to do that?”

“I guess so,” said Ned with a little hesitation in his voice. He was getting up in years and had been spending more time making sure his conscience was clean. “What’s the bet?” he asked.

Horace thought a minute and said, “Ned, I bet you can’t hold your breath for ten minutes.”

“I can’t hold my breath for ten minutes,” said Ned. “Good Lord, Horace, I’m eighty. I can barely stay awake for ten minutes.”

“OK,” said Horace. “I bet you can’t run through this street here naked as the day you were born.”

“Horace,” said Ned. “When’s the last time you seen me run? About three presidents ago. Only place I’m running is to the pearly gates, and if I got to be naked to get there, then so be it. Besides, who wants to be eating lunch over cross the street at Ray Jean’s and see a naked man running past the window? Good grief, Horace, you ain’t right.”

“Ok,” said Horace, “maybe that was unrealistic. I bet you won’t go over there and kiss Emma Jean Maple right square on the lips.”

Ned looked horrified. “Horace, you seen Emma Jean Maple up close? Good grief, I’m eighty years old and I still ain’t that desperate. That’d be like kissing a hairy chicken. You do it.”

“What’s the matter? Scared?” asked Horace.

“Darned right I’m scared, and getting ticked off to boot,” said Ned. “You’re irritatin’ Horace.”

“Ned, I’m just trying to put a little spice in our lives,” said Horace.

“Put spice in your own life,” said Ned. “My cookin’ days are over.”

They sat there in angry silence until Beauford came shuffling up the walk. Beauford was always late getting to the bench on Thursdays because that was haircut day, a tradition he continued even though he was down to the last handful of hair on his head.

Beaufort nodded. Ned nodded. Horace nodded. They all sat there for a while just watching.

“Hey, Beauford,” said Horace, “Want to bet?”

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  • Thanks for the giggle Kelly! Where are you off to on your speaking dream lately? I would love some tales from your travels… just so I can live vicariously :) Plus hear what it’s really like when you add running your business and travel together. Got to hear the truth so I know what I’m getting into with my next dream launch!