How 80s Music and Debbie Ford Help My Dream Inspiration

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Catherine Hughes

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sonoma winter series by wendy brayton

People find their inspiration in different places. Some find it in the quiet of a forest, others in a comedy show, others by listening to a motivational speaker and others by working in their gardens.

There is no one right way to find your inspiration, but I think it is important for all of us to know exactly where or what it is that puts in the place where we take a step toward our dreams.

This week Wendy admitted she finds her inspiration in the hills of Sonoma County, as they turn into the green colors of Ireland.

One of the places where I find my inspiration is in music.

All kinds of music.

And sometimes it’s 80s music.

I think it is because it reminds me of a time in my 20s when all I had to worry about was the dance shoes I was going to wear, whether my roommate Teresa was driving and if Monica would be ready on time.  We were going dancing.

So this week for a motivational video I offer up for you The Tubes Talk to You Later video to remind you that inspiration can come from any place as long as it makes you smile  – and get up from your chair to do something about your dreams!

So this week 8 Women Dream salutes The Tubes for reminding us how much fun it is/was to dance to 80s music and how music can change lives.


8 womendream inpirational blog awardThis week’s inspirational blog is part of the Intent website and is written by Debbie Ford, a best selling author, whose intent is to take people from the smallness of their darkest thought to the brilliance of their biggest dream.  In her latest post she asks if we are trapped by our own rhetoric.  She states the following about waiting to make your dreams come true/ change your life –

“Nobody’s coming — nobody’s coming to save you because they wouldn’t want to rob you of the opportunity to save yourself. As my friend Brent BecVar describes in The Shadow Effect, one day you realize you’re like a drowning person with someone holding your head under water. At some point, you realize that, if you want to live, you have to be the one that fights your way back to the surface.”

This week I chose Debbie Ford as our inspiration because she believes we are two-sided individuals with both a dark and light side to our personalities.  She feels we should embrace our dark side and bring it out into the light.  It’s like when someone tells you their darkest truth and you look at them and think, Wow you are just like me. Wouldn’t be nice if we treated our own dark side with such compassion?

Debbie Ford, 8 Women Dream salutes you this week.

  • I love Debbie Ford!!! Am a big fan and subscribe to her e-newsletter. Also get a lot of inspiration from music myself… Not The Tubes ;) (They are new to me!) but from influences ranging from Mozart to Sam Cooke to Michael Franti to Jack Johnson… As a dancer too, music feeds my soul. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to living our dreams, too…


  • Kim, the traveler

    I don’t remember the Tubes. Probably because I was stuck in Flake, I mean Lake County;)

  • Remy G

    I appreciate both honorees this week, Cath. First off, the TUBES are my favorite band ever. And Ms Ford is right on track. its not that others cant support us, but in the end, it all comes down to me – stretching and embracing and learning and loving all sides, even the dark ones. I gain much more from situations I help myself out of, cause I own them as a part of who I am today. Bravo!

  • Catherine

    I love 13 Going on 30 – I always tell my son he could bring Jennifer Garner home as my future daughter in law – of course he needs to wait until he is at least 25!

  • Hey, Cath, have you watched 13 going 30? I think you’ll get a kick out of it!!!

    Adam (

    PS: thanks for following me!