Big Dream Story: Elizabeth Has a Film to Make

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As promised, 8 Women Dream is sharing your big dream story. This week, it’s Elizabeth Knizley’s dream story about backing for her film project, The Equestrienne.

The Equestrienne Movie

Six years ago, I read another woman’s diary. Her name was Anne Noel, born in 1837, the granddaughter of the immortal literary figure, Lord Byron. I became captivated by Anne. She was so brave, so intelligent, and yet so gentle. Her bond with animals, especially horses, was evident in her writing.

With keen insight and humor she describes the hot temperament of her beloved Arabian horses as simply “making a show of independence”. In essence, Anne embraced the spirit of another species, another being.

I found that extraordinary.

Based on Anne’s diary, I wrote a screenplay. The story begins with Anne’s marriage and ends shortly after her death.

I have completed most of the pre-production, including a shooting script, budget, cast selection and teaser trailer. Set locations featuring nineteenth century houses and stables have been located. I have the horses needed for the film.

An original classical music score has been written.

I’m reaching out to the 8 Women Dream community to help me raise awareness for this independent film project and find supporters who would like to see this film made.

This is my dream.

Please check out my website



Thank you and take care!

Elizabeth Knizley
Two Ones Farm Productions
[email protected]

Logline for The Equestrienne:
The adventurous and brilliant Anne Noel marries Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, a poet of mercurial temperament, whose scandalous behavior may destroy her chance at happiness and jeopardize her legacy to preserve an ancient breed of horse.

  • Elizabeth Knizley

    Dear Catherine and everyone with 8 Women Dream

    Thank you for sharing my dream on your blog! I can’t express how much I appreciate this.