Dream Fitness Tip: Get Fit Over 40 if You Ignore These Lies

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Heather’s dream is to share with the world her success at becoming healthy after age 40. Heather lost over 88 pounds through changing her diet and incorporating exercise into her busy life. She would like to take what she has learned about becoming fit after 40, and using her Metabolic Training Certification to help others struggling with weight issues mid-life. Heather’s post day is Monday.
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Image Quote: Life is a one time offer - Use it well

Life is a one time offer – Use it well

Dream fitness takes guts and in some cases that means being able to spot the lies. These lies show up in our inner monologue, in conversations with other women when talking about exercise, and in every single media image.

You can get fit anytime. Including getting fit over 40.

From my past posts detailing my weight loss journey you know, fellow dreamer, that I didn’t get off my own butt to really focus on my fitness and health until 41. When I realized how different my body was reacting to my attempts to reverse the weight gain, and find my fit self underneath, I pretended not to be shocked.

Just for an example, like many wanted to jump head first into fitness, I subscribed to a fitness magazine. Take a look at one next time you are in line at any store. Is that model on the front in her 40’s? Probably not.

What may have worked to get you toned and fit in your 20’s, might not work once you hit your 40’s. The way we eat, drink, and exercised (or didn’t exercise) in our 20’s may not get your body to it’s strong, lean and healthy state you want it to become today.

Ask any woman in her 40+ years and most will admit that we have different lifestyles, our bodies have changed, and we have a different mindset. Metabolism slowing, along with all sorts of fun hormonal changes can feel like you got smacked by a train.

Fitness and exercise are the great equalizer.

Six months before I kicked my fitness goals into gear, you couldn’t have drug me off the couch. My activity level was non-existent and my motivation was gone. I had forgotten the benefits of movement.

Exercise can have immediate effect on you mood.

After rediscovering my happiness again I made the connection that moving made the difference. Moving made me feel better, moving made me feel strong, and feeling better and strong kept me motivated.

It didn’t matter that I hadn’t been working out all those years. My body didn’t care if i made bad food decisions that day. All it cared about was that fitness was making a difference.

Get fit over 40 by ignoring these lies

Lie #1: It is going to be impossible

Not to be totally geeky here, but can we please change impossible to “I’m Possible”? And while we are at it, can we define what possible is?

Possible is increasing strength. Possible is walking around your block without getting winded. Possible is finding out what “in shape” looks like on you.

It’s not recreating how you looked at 20. Frankly I am grateful for that. Instead it’s how you will look, healthy today.

Lie #2: You have to join a gym

Modern American health clubs have a certain feel to them. Part of that is sometimes very intimidating. A gym membership will not make you fit and healthy. You will.

Walking in your neighborhood park will boost your heart health. Learning how to do a push up. Finding your movement.

You won’t be alone if you find your fitness path outside the walls of a gym.

Lie #3: It takes so much time

Time is so rare in our 40+ years. I know I had a busy schedule when my son was small by juggling working full time, and spending as much time as I could with him learning and growing.

Keep your fitness short and smart.

45 minutes is the perfect time frame for smart training session. Whether its a brisk walk around the block, or taking time to strengthen your muscles. Workout smarter and your time will be better served.

Our Dream Leader Catherine has found time to make her health a priority despite her challenges in life these last several months. I’m giving you permission to do the same thing. Make your health a priority today.

Lie #4: I just don’t have the energy

Just try it. The first day is not the time to take on a marathon. Walk out of the house and keep walking for five minutes. Turn around and walk back for five minutes.

Our bodies adapt, change, and provide energy for the things we ask. If we ask them to relax and spread out on the couch, they would be happy to. If instead we ask them to support and propel us in some healthy exercise, they will respond kindly.

Take it slow and get going.

Ignore these lies and get fit

After finding out my age, my triathlon coach, Rick Niles surprised me by saying:

You’re still young. Your training response time is high at this age. You won’t start noticing any drop in your improving with the same amount of work for several years.

I have no previous training background, I never ran track, swam on a team, or cycled any distance until 2 years ago. Hearing this reminded me I have no excuses when it comes to my age. As long as I’m still moving, I can train and improve. So can you.

How will you improve your fitness this week? Share in the comments!

Go get your fit on – Heather

  • Aunt Bee

    Such an inspiring article – just what I needed! Now I just have to get off the couch….

    • So glad you found this inspiring! Let me know how I can help get you off the couch – that is step #1! Have a great New Year!

  • ImanWoods

    I shared this on Facebook, I think it’s fantastic advice for anyone starting to get healthier.

  • kellyswanson1

    This is exactly what I needed to hear, exactly WHEN I needed to hear it. Heather, you have a gift. You are able to take a topic that is talked about to death, and still make it fresh and interesting and encouraging and easy for me to apply to my life. Thank you for what you are doing. You help me find a better version of myself.

    • Thank you Kelly! I love it when a message hits home – Not sure how much better you can get though ;) You’re pretty awesome already!