Here’s a Quick Way To Combine a Tradition With a Dream

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Samovar Tea Lounge

Six years ago, my mom, sister and I had a “dream”. We wanted to save time for just the three of us at least once a year to do something fun. We decided to stay local to keep costs down and just explore the Bay Area.

It’s always amazing what kinds of activities and areas you find right in your “backyard.” We’ve gone from Teatro ZinZanni, (so hilarious) to Napa Murder Mystery Train, comedy shows to wine tasting.

This year we were back in San Francisco.

My sister found a fun way to explore an area in SF that we’ve never discovered. We went on a walking food tour called Gourmet Walks. They have a new tour, Gourmet on Hayes, that takes you on a 3 hour walk in Hayes Valley that stops at 7 gourmet restaurants, getting tasting samples at each place. All the restaurants were amazing.

We can’t wait to go back.

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Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Besides the 7 stops, other restaurants were pointed out that looked heavenly that we can’t wait to try! Such variety too. The parking was so good that I almost want to keep this area a secret! Very charming and trendy area of SF.

I would recommend the food tour for an easy stress-free way to explore it and at the same time gaining information about the area.

After stuffing ourselves with all the gourmet food, we decided at the last minute to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve been wanting to do this with the 8 Women Dream gals so hopefully we’ll get it together and do it soon. (Come on girls!)

It was a beautiful day, windy but not bone chilling. It took an hour and a half and my feet were burning but we made it!

(I didn’t have the greatest shoes on)

So dreams can turn into wonderful traditions. And traditions can help with your dreams. I got my walking exercise. I got to travel. Even though it wasn’t far away, I was motivated to getting some research in to Japan.

And researching Japan made me try harder in my quest for Graphic Design jobs.

So keep dreaming.

Till next time,


(Kim has already accomplished her first big dream by traveling to New York with her teenage daughter June of 2009. She lost 20 pounds and overcame her intense dislike (do we say fear?) of flying to accomplish that dream. She rotated off the blog in February 2010, but still hangs out with 8 Women Dream.  You can find her in the comments section)

  • Wendy

    Gourmet tasting tour sounds like fun! My husband, son and I did the Golden Gate walk a few years ago. I did a trade of art for a vacation rental in Sausalito and the home was overlooking the bay. I am excited about your future trip to Japan.

  • Heather, the e-commerce builder

    I love that we live so close to so many options! The bridge walk will be great. I know we will get that organized soon – sounds great in the spring!

  • I can’t believe I still haven’t walked across the bridge… Although it IS on my list of SF “to do’s!” It’ll happen, eventually!

    Thanks for the great reminder of what a wealth of wonderful things there are to do in SF… Have fun researching Japan and landing fun new work to make that happen! I am cheering you on, Kim!


  • Sandra

    Yes, it was one of those great San Francisco “Summer Days” that are so breathtakingly beautiful. Of course having my also beautiful daughters with me was the icing on the cake- a good day………..

  • Remy

    Eating gourmet food and walking around a beautiful city? Sounds like my kind of tour! I have never walked all the way across and back, so I like your idea of us all doing that. Its great to hear that you are still all able to get together and honor your dream – it can be tough to do when you super busy with life. Thanks for the reminder. Remy

  • Denise

    Another great outing! I think we should all go in on a rental in the neighborhood and visit there at least twice a month.
    BTW – the students we saw eating lunch in the park were from the French/American International High School that’s nearby. Perfect for that area!

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    I am so jealous. I have been wanting to walk the bridge ever since you mentioned it. You know me – I am ready any time. I bet the city was beautiful this weekend. Is it really that time of year where you do this with your family again? where does the time go?