The Sonoma County Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Dreams

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Mustard Flowers by Wendy Brayton

Once again the Sonoma County hills are full of mustard. It’s time to go paint.

The song The hills are alive with the sound of music . . .  races through my mind when I stop to paint my surroundings.  The scene where Julie Andrews is singing on the hill with such abandon sticks in my memory.

It is that same excitement that I feel when I see the local hills change.  The  dry summer hills never inspire me.  As soon as that soft velvet green and mustard growth emerges, my paintbrushes start calling to me.

It makes me think of my dream of painting in Italy.


Wendy rotated off 8 Women Dream in March of 2010 to complete grad school.  You will still find her painting along Sonoma County California roadways.

  • Heather, the e-commerce builder

    Wendy – you were missed (as always!) but I hope you are on the fast road to recovery.

    I love this time of year – the vines and trees all changing. And the green all over my yard from the sprouting bird seed. Enjoy!

  • Wendy, I hope you can paint in Italy… and I can write there :-) and we can all spend some time there TOGETHER living our dreams… Can you imagine?!?

    let’s make it happen :-)


  • Kim, the traveler

    So sorry you got the bug. Get lots of rest!

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    We missed you, but I have been worried about your crazy schedule! Remember your vitamins – esp vitamin C! Your body probably said SLEEP . . . and so you did.

  • Remy G

    Wendy, its great that you took care of yourself – and I’m sure everyone at the meeting understands…Looking forward to meeting you! Rem