8 Ways to be Thankful on Such a Thankful Thursday

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8 Ways to be Thankful on Such a Thankful Thursday: A life in gratitude quote

Each Thursday, I share positive ideas to help you move your life in the direction you see on the days that you are being kind to yourself. I’ve called them, “Thankful Thursdays” as a reminder that you can move through anything in life with a grateful heart. Gratitude releases the hold that angst can have on you.

Gratitude  invites the gentle wind of hope.

And sometimes just being grateful is enough get you out of bed in the morning.

Today is the perfect day to be thankful, even if your heart is hurting. In honor of giving thanks on this day, here are . . .

8 ways to be thankful —

1. Open your eyes to gratitude.
Find one thing to be thankful for as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. You can be thankful for your eyes, another day, your breath, a new chance — anything to help you breathe in the present moment. Don’t think about yesterday, or worry about tomorrow. Give yourself a gift of a brief moment spent in “Thank you for…” and be grateful.

2. Honor the small.
If you are one of the people in the world who is lucky enough to experience running water, stop and be grateful. Running water is a miracle and simply, quite wonderful. Water does so many wonderful things for us. It can wash our clothes, clean our hair, keep us alive, cool us down, warm our bellies — feel the water you use today and be grateful.

3. Look at you.
When you see your reflection anywhere today, be grateful. You are an amazing, living, breathing being that is like no one else on this earth. Your body carries you wherever you wish to go. Be grateful for all the parts of you. You will never be this young again. Love this time. Love yourself and be grateful.

4. Notice what moves you.
Even on the bleakest of days, there is always something beautiful to notice, or a simple kindness to offer. Look for the flower in the dirt, the opportunity to hold a door for another, the chance to offer a soothing word to another.  Notice the needy and be grateful.

5. Find the light in the dark.
Everyone experiences dark times of the soul. If you find yourself in the middle of your soul’s midnight, look for the light. It is there. See what has been given to you as a calling to become more. Be grateful that this day will bring more space from the pain. Smile at the sky and be grateful.

6. Watch the children.
Children live in the moment. They live life bursting from the inside. Remember what being a child was like. Be grateful for the play inside of you. Skip a stone. Throw a ball. Jump rope. Write a chalk message on the sidewalk. Be grateful for all the children everywhere. Love the child that still lives within you and be grateful.

7. Breathe in silence.
Find a moment of silence and be grateful for the peace it brings. Sit with the TV off in complete silence. Take in the moment. Lay outside on your back and observe the sky. Feel the creativity wash over you and be grateful.

8. Use your senses.
Touch something soft or weathered today. Hold something cold. Wrap yourself in warmth. Touch something lovely. Smell something you love. Taste something you enjoy. Listen to your favorite music. Sing your favorite song. Hug your favorite people. Be aware of the gifts your senses bring and be grateful.

Because …

Dreams come true with gratitude.


8 Ways to be Thankful on Such a Thankful Thursday: Struggle ends where gratitude begins.

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