3 Ways To Impress Your Boss As A Motivational Speaker

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3 Ways To Impress Your Boss As A Motivational Speaker

The Business Side of Being a Motivational Speaker

Being a speaker isn’t just about the speech. It’s also about branding, marketing, selling, and customer service. Like any business, being a successful motivational speaker means you need to deliver outstanding service if you want to stand out among the competition.

Aside from the number one way (to deliver an unforgettable speech) there are other things you can do to ensure success and impress your clients.

1. Ask A Lot Of Questions and LISTEN To What The Client Needs On The Sales Call

It doesn’t matter if you know you can handle this job with ease. Take the time to let the client tell you everything they are looking for. And take the time to listen without speaking.

This is the most valuable part of a sales call. It shows the client that you are interested in THEM more than you. It also gives you that golden opportunity to really get to know the group, and why they picked you.

Ask a lot of questions, especially about the challenges that their people are facing. Once you have given them plenty of time to tell you what they need, tell them how you will address those needs and challenges. Be specific. Show them how your content will help them.

And act excited.

This isn’t you reading a script, this is you having an engaging conversation. And smile while you talk. It will actually make you sound happier on the phone. And happiness is contagious. Give that initial phone call (and every one after it) the same passion and energy you take to the stage.

2. Arrive Early and Stay Late

Clients are used to speakers who breeze in ten minutes before their speech and then breeze out as soon as they finish speaking.

Take advantage of this opportunity to come early and stay late.

Not only will your client be impressed, so will your audience. It’s an easy way to show you care and to go that extra mile. And use this time to help set up chairs, talk to people, and be a fun positive force in the room. This is not your chance to be a diva, but rather a chance to serve.

3. Make Friends Off Stage

I make it a point to “work a room” before every show. I try to get to every table. I don’t bother formally introducing myself, I just go up and start talking like I’m one of them. I compliment them on their hair or outfit, ask them where they are from, or just say hello.

I walk around the vendor booths and make friends all along the way. I talk to them in the bathroom and in the parking lot. If someone needs help carrying something, I help them.  I crack jokes and have fun.

So by the time I hit the stage, I’ve already made lots of friends.

Then after the show I hug necks, listen to their stories, look at pictures of their kids, and take the time to get to know them even better.

And there you have it – three simple things you can do to stand out in a BIG way.

Here’s to your public speaking dream –