Thankful Thursday: Create a Daily Gratitude Journal

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Sue Faith Levy is a motivational speaker and top blogger from South Africa. As an aspiring author and philanthropist. Sue's big dream is to spread her messages of hope and gratitude to women around the world with her motivational speeches and inspirational messages. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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Thankful Thursday:

Happy Thankful Thursday dreamers!

This week, I have much to be thankful for. As you read this I am going home to Capetown for a visit. I am always grateful for the opportunity to visit with family and old friends.

If you remember last week, I shared images and thoughts from attending Oprah’s conference in South Africa.  Much of that event is still on my mind.  Oprah shared the fact that she keeps a gratitude journal where she lists five things she is thankful for every day.

From fresh flowers to the kindness of a stranger, Oprah says acknowledging these things made her more receptive to the goodness in her life. She believes keeping a gratitude journal was the single most important thing she’s ever done.

From: Oprah and Lifeclass Teachers: Mastering the Art of Gratitude

Did you know that being grateful is also good for your health?

Robert Emmons, Ph.D., an author, gratitude researcher and a psychology professor at the University of California at Davis, has found through his research on positive psychology that people who adopt being grateful as a state of mind experience numerous health benefits.

Gratitude is not easy. It’s not something that comes naturally, but has to be worked at. It has to be cultivated. It goes far beyond saying ‘thank you.’ It’s deeper than that; it can be a really fundamental way of viewing life, an orientation toward life itself. ~ Robert A. Emmons,

Thankful Thursday: Thankful quote by Buddha

To show my readers just how grateful I am for you, I want to offer you the opportunity to be featured on my personal blog.

As you know I love the heart symbol and it’s even incorporated in my new logo. I am looking for readers who will be kind enough to take pics with the “Just Pursue It Heart” and send it to [email protected]

Thankful Thursday: Send your hearts to me

Today I am grateful for:

1. You.
2. My husband.
3. My daughter.
4. Love.
5. Travel.

What 5 things are you grateful for today?

Start a gratitude journal this week!