Motivational Speakers Should Get Their Message Out Online

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Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, author, and comedian who teaches you how to harness the power of your story to connect, engage, and get results. In this blog, Kelly focuses on the business of professional speaking. Kelly’s post day is Friday. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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Motivational Speakers Should Say YES To The Podcasts!

It’s all about getting our name out to the world – but even more, getting our name and message out to the world. So motivational speakers should take advantage of any opportunity to be interviewed and put on radio, television, podcasts, webinars, virtual seminars, etc.  Some speakers won’t do this for free. I am not one of them. To me, exposure online is great. And if I can answer questions in my slippers and robe, then I’m all for it.  And once the interview has been recorded, I have a link I can now share with my audiences, potential clients, and people who really need to hear my message or get to know me better.

I just did  another one this week for Live On Purpose Blog Radio. When you have thirty minutes – settle in and listen. Who knows, you just might hear the message you really needed. It’s off the cuff, real, and raw. Perfect to show the unscripted side of me.


  • Thank You for this advice. I appreciate it. One day I would love to just sit and chat with you, Your journey has inspired me so much x