10 Reasons I’m Not More Successful As A Funny Motivational Speaker

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Why I’m Not Further Along The Yellow Brick Road Than I Could Be As A Funny Motivational Speaker

I think we all come to a place in our lives and in our careers, where we realize we aren’t what we thought we would be. I’m now realizing that I will probably never be in a Bruce Springsteen music video. I will never win a car on Oprah. And I’m pretty sure my chances at being America’ s Top Model have passed me by.

Despite the fact that I make a living thinking positively as a funny motivational speaker, and even though there are many who envy my achievements, and while I am truly grateful for the path I’m on – there are still days where I realize I’m not as successful as I hoped to be. And this is one of those days. And so today I’m going to ask myself why. I think there is great truth and wisdom that comes in knowing why you aren’t living the life you want – and accepting it for what it is – and perhaps even making a change as you realize that maybe just maybe, it’s not too late.
And so I share with you my list, in the hopes that it will encourage you to make your own list, and then go out and take charge of your life again.

10 Reasons I’m Not More Successful Than I Am

1. I wasted years not believing in myself. Instead of taking ownership of my gifts and moving forward, I spent valuable time seeking validation and applause. The best applause is the one that comes from within.

2. I waited for the phone to ring – not realizing that the phone never rings when you sit there and watch it. Waiting is wasted time. Dreams don’t come to those who wait – they come to those who act.

3. I got caught up in the “who’s better” game. I wasted valuable time worrying about whether I was good enough, better than, or worthy. I looked around instead of forward.

4. I ignored the things that made me unique and tried to get the things that made you unique. There’s room in this world for every dream except the one that doesn’t fit you. Follow your own unique business model – not your neighbor’s.

5. I coasted when I should have practiced. You can’t afford to take your foot off the pedal or that dream will pass you by.

6. I worried more about what message my audience wanted me to give them, when I should have worked harder to find the audience who needed my message.

7. I tried to see my value in dollar signs.  When you measure your worth in dollars, you always come up short.

8. I got distracted by tasks that didn’t fit my vision and my plan. I began to focus on the distractions instead of the destination.

9. I listened to all the advice as if it all applied to me. Advice is just that – advice – opinion – another perspective. Consider all advice. But don’t follow all advice or you will run in circles.

10. I worried about why I wasn’t more successful than I was. Again – wasted energy. So I’m taking this post and leaving it here – to go pick up actions and thoughts that serve me better. I hope you will too.