A Plein Air Painter’s Top 3 Mantras of Success

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Plein Air at Shell BeachArtrails is an “Open Studio” event where artists open up their studios to the public for two weekends.

Today was opening day and though I had decent foot traffic, sales were still a reflection of our ailing economy.

I feel very calm about this.

I see these events as ways to continue putting my name out there as a plein air painter and not worry about whether someone is buying or not.

I am proud of the fact that I was picked to be a part of Artrails.  It’s a “juried event“  and it took me 4 years of applying to get in.

There are 3 sayings I have learned about success –

1.  Failure is the first step towards success.

2.  You must never give up.

3.  The only way to guarantee failure is to never try.

I remind myself about step number 3 every time I feel fear.


Wendy Brayton is a plein air painter residing in Sonoma County California.  She was a guest blogger for 8 Women Dream in 2009.

  • Mark

    You’re paintings are truly amazing Wendy – Mark

  • Natalie

    I use the following mantras every morning before I leave my home for the day –

    1. I will NOT fail.

    2. I will marry belief and action.

    3. I will embrace the concept of abundance.

    4. I will laser focus on each task/person I encounter today and will actively listen to them.

    5. I will leave all who I meet today feeling better for having come in contact with me.

    I guess we all have our little mantras! I love your paintings.

  • Remy

    My business partner has often said he wants to write a book called “Fail to Succeed” which speaks to exacty what you are saying. If you fall down 3 times, just make sure to get up 4 times. And ask for help when you need to. I think we all want to succeed and by helping each other we ultimately help ourselves…Cant wait to see your work! sounds beautiful! remy

  • Veronica

    Thanks for the reminder of Never Give Up….

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Well even if you also feel like the walking dead, you are out there doing it – living the dream and it is only a matter of time – as long as you can get enough sleep! ;-)