Million Dollar Dream Resources for Online Entrepreneurs

Million Dollar Resources For Your Dream Business

My next million dollar idea is in the works. The latest is that I finally signed up for my first official affiliate for my personal website. What the heck is an affiliate, you ask?

An affiliate lets you share in the profit of a product you may already use and wish to recommend. At the end of this post I’ve  inserted and Amazon partners affiliate ad.  An affiliate relationship is the income shared between online advertisers and website owners, whereby compensation comes from the number of clicks, registrations, sales or a hybrid model of these.

4 best affiliates for website owners –

1. Amazon Associates @
2. Commission Junction
3. ClickBank @
4. Revenue Street @

While continuing to grow our online ventures I took a moment to realize the online resources I use on the path to success.

8 best entrepreneurial-help websites –


This is my first stop when I have a question, concern, idea or just need to know I’m not the only one banging my head against that entrepreneurial wall.


As a casual reader of their magazine, I really love their Business Advice section online. If I am stuck on a decision about business direction, or want to get a straight answer I will jump over here first. The fact they offer an “Ask the Expert” option makes you feel like you have a safety net. Or at least a trampoline.

3. Guy Kawasaki –

Basic, easy to understand and down-to-earth. Guy Kawasaki’s book, “Art of the Start” offered tips and recommendations that I use every day in my business. I will send this tip out for all addicted to PowerPoint presentations, please check this out before you do your next presentation.

4. Timothy Ferriss –

What would you do if you had your ideal life… NOW? The first time I read this question, it was a slap upside the head. Tim Ferriss’ book covers so many ideas, scenarios, recommendations and ways to build direction. His blog keeps his story going with new resources, online tools and success stories. The new and expanded book will be out in December. It’s already in my Amazon wish list.


And just to make me feel REALLY old, I ran across the list of “Top 50 Young Entrepreneurs Under 30.” Yeah, they started young, but now we have experience, right? Another thing I noticed was that the list is mostly male. OK ladies, we have to give them a run for their money. Literally.


A website where entrepreneurs and artists can post ideas and raise money for their dreams from other users and pitch to the public at large.

7. Million Dollar Experiment

Self-help author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Steve Pavlina’s article about his experiment to manifest $1 million by using the intention-manifestation model.

8. Study Scott DeLong’s model

Delong’s business model for Viral Nova is aggregating “trending stories and pictures around the Web.” It reaches 6.6 million monthly U.S. visitors, according to ComScore, and has made him rich, though he admits it will likely not last forever. DeLong is the rare person who somehow manages to keep coming up with low-cost “programming” that generates sizable profits on the Web.  (Source BusinessWeek) He is currently looking to sell his site.

The Millionaire Course: A Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams  book

The Millionaire Course: A Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams.
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Why did I choose these resources to share? Taking advice from only a few of the online gurus available, I can be focused on the information I take in and cut out the extra online noise.

Your next million dollar idea may need a few of these resources to get off the ground. If you are looking for the answers to your questions, odds are good you will find it on one of the resources above.

Enjoy these million dollar dream resources for your dream –

Heather Montgomery

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