Top 10 Things a Website Should Include For Motivational Speakers

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Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, author, and comedian who teaches you how to harness the power of your story to connect, engage, and get results. In this blog, Kelly focuses on the business of professional speaking. Kelly’s post day is Friday. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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Top 10 Things a Website Should Include For Motivational Speakers - Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson

A website is your most effective selling tool as a motivational speaker and you could be losing business because of a few minor mistakes…

My two biggest sources of business are word-of-mouth-referrals and clients who find me through internet searches. Last year 50% of my business came from strangers who found me on the internet. That means that 50% of my selling was done without me being there.

That means that their visit to my website was a crucial first impression that would determine whether or not they would pick up the phone and find out more about me. Motivational Speakers need winning websites.

Your website is your first sales call. And perhaps your only one.

Here’s what I think makes them buy me:

1. A hook.
Something different. Speakers are a dime a dozen. Chances are good that there are hundreds more speakers speaking about the same thing as you – and many of them using the same words to do it. What’s the compelling statement that they haven’t heard before?

2. The credibility.
Why should they believe you? What if you’re just spouting things you read in a book? Why should they give you their time and money? Why pick you over the hundreds of others?

3. The testimonials.
Word-of-mouth is the number one way that speakers are booked  – either that client has seen you speak in person, or they know someone who has.  When I start a new diet, I head right for the testimonials – the stories of those who have tried it and achieved success.  Make sure your website includes the stories of those who have experienced you – the stories of those who have received value from what you do. People will read them, and will believe them over what you tell them.

4. The emotion.
I happen to believe the mantra that people buy from people they like – that buying is emotional, and selling features and benefits has no emotion. People buy from people. So somehow I must let them get to know me on this website – on a human level.

5. You in action.
Don’t tell me what you will do for me, show you doing it for other people. Give me pictures and videos of you in action, doing what you do, in impressive situations/scenarios/big stages,etc.

6. Product.
Do you have a book, CD, DVD, workbook, program? Make sure it looks professional and is highly visible.

7. Easy to maneuver site.
Does it show them in a clean clear way, the different arms of your business? In my opinion, it’s one arm with many fingers. One umbrella of content that can be delivered/received in many ways: book, webinars, coaching and consulting, presentations, etc. They choose the method/package that works best for them.

8. Highly visible access to your contact information and social engines.
Have a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. and any other calls to action like signing up for the newsletter, or free gifts. People don’t want to have to dig around for your phone number and email – put them highly visible.

9. A blog woven into the site.
Wordpress blog sites are the best websites to create for SEO purposes, where content is consistently added with strategic keywords and link backs that drive traffic to you.  Google likes new and fresh content.

10. Web help.
A web person who knows what keywords are most advantageous for you in driving traffic to your door – and who knows how to optimize that website so it picks up Google attention. Some of the best websites I have seen, as far as design and function, were non-existent on search engines – a literal black hole.  Great websites don’t do you any good if nobody finds you.

I hope this advice on top 10 things a website should include for motivational speakers helps you get as much business as it has brought me!



  • A hook – the best advice. I’ve seen several people, including myself, get caught up with this one. You will always deliver a message differently than anyone else, but letting your potential clients know what you bring to the presentation is hard to define. Good ideas Kelly!

  • I would imagine that LinkedIn would be your most important social networking site because your demographic lives there. I’d imagine that a lot of HR people hire public speakers and being connected to HR people on LinkedIn can create the kind of corporate connections a public speaker of any type would want to cultivate. Great tips.

  • Linda Larsen

    GREAT information Kelly!