Rescue Women Around the World with a Rescue Gift for Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day Rescue Gifts and Rescue.orgIs your dream to travel the world, but right now in your life you are not able to achieve this dream, either because you don’t have the time, the resources, or have other obligations that stand in the way?

Do you long to change the life of a child, help a mother in need, or do something about the social injustices you witness in the news?

There are ways that you can travel the world from home and make a difference in the world. The International Rescue Committee ( is a way for you to help people around the world and experience other cultures from your living room.

The International Rescue Committee is a group of people from around the world who have pledged their time and resources to rescuing people in peril. When you help the IRC, you help the persecuted and displaced, survivors of war and disaster, refugees struggling to start anew.

You can send a message of hope.

In times of war or disaster, mothers are the first to get their children out of harm’s way. When the crisis subsides, they are the first to begin the task of rebuilding.Travel the world from home and donate to

This Mother’s Day, the International Rescue Committee is offering a way to support mothers and their families around the world, while honoring the mothers in our own lives.

Each symbolic Rescue Gift represents a program, project or tool that the IRC uses in its critical humanitarian work around the world.

Gifts will be used where and when most needed to provide help and hope to people who have been uprooted by conflict or disaster.

There is a Rescue Gift for every mother, at a variety of price points:

•  A Safe Delivery Rescue Gift can ensure critical supplies for the safe birth of a child in a crisis zone.

•  A Maternal Health Gift can provide a mother-to-be with the advice, medical assistance and other support she needs to keep herself — and her baby — healthy.

•  A Clean Water Rescue Gift can rush fresh water to 200 people whose lives have been uprooted by emergencies such as war, famine or drought.

Gift-givers can browse the Rescue Gifts catalog online and dedicate them to the special women in their lives, who will receive beautiful personalized print or e-cards to acknowledge the gift.

Wish. Click. Rescue.

This Mother’s Day, give a gift that inspires and helps women around the world. It’s easy —

• Choose your Rescue Gift

• Dedicate the gift to your friend or loved one with a beautiful card or eCard. Printed cards are delivered in 7-10 days; eCards can be sent immediately.

• Your gift helps provide critical assistance to uprooted families where most needed.

Even the smallest gift makes a difference. Donate online, make a planned gift, become a corporate partner….make the IRC part of your charitable plan.

I invite you to join me by helping to change the world in reaching out to those in need and understanding that we are one planet, one people.

And that’s what your wold travel dreams will ultimately teach you.

Natasha von Geldern

*All images used in this story are by Rescueorg & Peter Biro/IRC

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  • What a great initiative. Thanks for sharing! Safe travels.

  • I am so proud to carry this message to our readers. Be safe Natasha.