Shift Your Perception to Improve Self-Esteem and Your Dream Life

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Iman is a photographer who, through her unique process of coaching and photography, can show a woman what other people see when they look at her. She is passionate about teaching other photographers how to live and be a professional and making change in the world. She dreams of changing the way women look at their bodies and how the world defines beauty. She also thinks being an instructor on CreativeLIVE would be incredible. Iman battles Lyme disease and shares her unique view of dreaming while fighting for her health. Her post day is Wednesday. Iman Woods If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.
Real Beauty Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

Real Beauty Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

When two friends tag you on Facebook about the same movie that a third friend messaged you on, you listen. All three happened within hours. Apparently my obsession for discussing all things self-esteem is well known.

I was thrilled they shared this with me.

The creative genius behind Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty has come up with another incredible way to get women to see themselves as beautiful.

As a photographer, I have a strict honor code to flatter and uplift the women I work with. It’s something my work is famous for. It’s exciting that a retailer of beauty products is doing the same.

I loved Dove’s first campaign showing a beautiful woman go through the hair, makeup and retouching process.

The video helped non-professionals visualize the process that many magazine covers go through. In so doing, I believe they helped give women and girls a tool to undo damage by comparison.

You can’t hate yourself for not being pretty enough if even MODELS aren’t pretty enough.

However, I did criticize that the “real” women they feature in ads are still chosen from casting calls for being exceptionally beautiful. No matter that they are a company selling products, I can’t deny that they are taking a risk to actually address what every woman and girl needs to hear.

Please watch both movies. I am immensely happy that Dove is taking the leap to address a problem that people are growing more and more ready to remedy.

This soldier feels hopeful that change in the battle for healthy self-esteem is imminent.

What signs are you seeing that self-esteem can change for the better?

There are signs of improving self-esteem all around us. Share in the comments if you’ve seen or had a positive self-esteem moment lately!


  • LOVE this Iman! You are such a gift for women everywhere. Going to share this right now!

  • What a powerful video (the sketches one). I saw this first-hand at a modeling agency I worked at when I was a teenager. We were there to have our portfolio pictures taken, but the photographer first asked us to all sit in this room in a circle and then he asked each girl to name something they didn’t like about their looks. I thought all of the girls were just soooooo beautiful and so much more beautiful than me. I remember how powerful it was when each girl would say something about themselves like, “I hate my nose. It’s too flat.” And I would think, “She’s crazy. She has a perfect nose!” Or one would say, “My hands are too big. My fingers are too long.” And I would think, “She has the most perfect hands – what is she talking about?”

    When we were finished going around the room the photographer went back around the room asking each of us to say something about each girl. We all would say things like, “Your nose is perfect.” “Your hands are gorgeous.” And when it was my tun I was blown away by how beautiful these beautiful young girls thought I was and we could all see how off we were on our perceptions of ourselves. We took the most amazing photographs that day.

    We also bonded for life. Years later I had the pleasure of being the wedding consultant for one of the girls after she came home from a long stint of modeling in France for Paris Vogue. We had such a great time planning her wedding, picking out her dress, and talking about those modeling experiences when we were teenagers. “You were the wicked smart one of all of us. We expect great things from you still.” It was the moment I realized I couldn’t be a wedding consultant anymore. I had to take bigger risks. They were amazing women who I will never forget and God bless that photographer! Just think about how he changed our lives!

    Great story Iman.


  • Major boost to self-esteem with a big dream accomplishment works every time. Always fighting those little voices – perhaps because we are constantly surrounded by them. Thanks for sharing!