5 Things I Learned by Having the Desire to Dream BIG

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Sue Faith Levy is a motivational speaker and top blogger from South Africa. As an aspiring author and philanthropist. Sue's big dream is to spread her messages of hope and gratitude to women around the world with her motivational speeches and inspirational messages. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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When you begin to work your dream, you can become addicted to thinking that it has to be perfect.

I have news for you, it’s never that black and white. The path to your dream life is a journey filled with obstacles and needed improvements that end up being blessings — if you survive them.

Yes, I blessings.

How is a challenging obstacle or needed change a blessing?

Being a dreamer is something precious. It’s a gift from above begging you to use your talents to make the world a better place. But the realm of the unknown – the place where your dream exists before form will exact a price for your dream. You must make sacrafices. You must be willing to change and grow. You must earn the right to see your dream come true in physical form.

I am from a home where it was NOT okay to dream big. Unless your dream was all about making money. Which ironically, we never had much of due to having only one working parent. Growing up in such a household taught me to never listen to negative voices and negative comments. The negativity I endured made me tough about continuing on in spite of obstacles. It taught me to embrace change because I had to embrace change in order to be free to go after my dreams.

Every dream obstacle has made me emotionally strong. You must use the hard times to push for your dream. Take the lessons and make them yours. Own it. Experience the lesson and move on. Make it your badge of courage. Let nothing stop you.

5 pieces of advice that I’ve learned being a big dreamer

1. You have to start somewhere

Overnight success is not real. Everyone that has obtained success will tell you that they put so much hard work into it. Once we decide to start from the bottom up we will have a clear view of where we want to be. When you start from the bottom you can’t get any lower than that. Chin up darling, the sky is not your limit, there are footprints on the moon. Go for your dream. 

2. Every expert was once a beginner

With that said in point 1. we have to be patient with our dream journey. If you Pursue to be a writer, you cannot expect to be published overnight. If you want to be a singer you cannot be the Next Whitney Houston by next week. Every dreamer has got to learn the ropes of their industry. As a speaker I learn new things every day. It’s about perfecting your craft and practicing. Your big break will come. Better be prepared for it.


3. Dreams don’t always go as planned, but all things do happen for a reason

You will have those days when things will just go wrong. For example, this week passed my daughter spilled juice all over my computer keyboard. I never had the funds to buy a decent one. So i just made peace with it and became patient that I would get my new keyboard when I’m meant to. In that time of not blogging, I spent time just reassessing my life. I said goodbye to the old and I’m now welcoming the new experiences. And I love my new keyboard it’s much better than the old one and I have a new positive mentality to when things don’t go my way

4. People either enter your life as a blessing or a lesson. I’m thankful for those hard lessons

If you asked me who would be in my dream a year ago. I’d tell you that my list has changed so many times. In the beginning of pursuing my dream I had good friends who would help me with my dream and tell me they wanted the best for me. Turns out that wasn’t true. Instead of entertaining the “competition” I decided to go solo for a while and find the real me to do it on my own. Do I feel bad for doing that? Not really. You need to learn that people will exit your life as fast as they entered it. Nothing is set in stone. Rather pursue to learn from every person and try not to put too much of yourself on them. You need to find your own feet as a dreamer.

5. The past is filled with cringe worthy moments. But those wrong decisions are God saying, “That’s the meaning of what if,” now move on dear

I am sure that this one hits home for many of you. We tend to desire something and when we look back we cringe at the decision we made. Oh well, that is life of a dreamer. I too have made mistakes and bad decisions. Do I let those experiences cripple me? Oh no. I embrace them. Every decision brought me to the point I am now. Every person I met added to me being in this moment. So I take it as a lesson from God. Instead of bashing your past, thank God for showing you a better path.


Ready to dream big?

I hope that my advice will help you realize that you can only become stronger from the obstacles you overcome. Diamonds can only be made under severe pressure.

And the same goes for your dream. Take every experience as a stepping stone. You will become the dreamer you dream of. You will achieve your goals. There may be some obstacles, but nothing easy is ever appreciated. We should pursue to embrace our journey as dreamers.

Starting right now.

Just Pursue It – Sue